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Nothing’s more important than keeping your people safe. Our industry-leading mass notification and visitor management solutions help enhance safety, streamline communication and manage critical incidents seamlessly.

Solutions for evolving safety and communication needs.

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Prioritize student and staff safety, manage bells and visitors, and prepare for any emergency with our comprehensive mass notification system. Learn More


Protect your staff and provide excellent patient care with targeted alerts. Learn More

Colleges &

Communicate across your campus with ease to keep students and faculty safe. Learn More


Overcome noise in your facilities and minimize downtime with intrusive audio and visual notifications that reach everyone. Learn More


Minimize the impact of disruptions and keep your operations running smoothly with mass notifications. Learn More


Communicate easily with everyone whether your building is under threat or you’re trying to maintain daily operations utilizing our innovative mass notification system. Learn More

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Detect, notify and manage every emergency—in seconds.

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Visitor Aware®.
Screen visitors and manage student safety.

Safety & Security

Simplify visitor management and improve security by screening every guest against sexual offender registries, government watch lists, and legal injunctions. Schedule, assign, and conduct safety drills to create digital records and ensure your organization is prepared to handle any crisis it might face.
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Daily Operations

Better protect your students with real-time insights. Whether it’s an anonymous tip line, accounting for students during an incident, reuniting them with parents after an event, or simply making sure they get home safely, we offer tools to keep track of students so they’re not put in harm’s way.
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Mass communication solutions for every need.

Cut through the noise with intrusive audio paging. We provide flexible functionality for any announcement type.

  • Broadcast live or recorded audio
  • Alert specified groups and zones only
  • Hands-free intercom functionality
  • Legacy system integration

Turn your desktops into powerful safety tools with the ability to receive and send critical notifications.

  • Easy to use desktop app
  • Leverage text and audio
  • Multiple formats available, including full screen pop-up
  • Keyboard shortcut panic buttons

Reach people wherever they are and initiate alerts and manage incidents directly from your mobile device.

  • Mass text, email, and push notifications
  • Mobile panic button
  • Real-time responses and insights
  • Visitor notification

Leverage five different types of panic buttons to offer instant alerting when your people need assistance.

  • Wearable devices
  • Mobile app
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Desk phone soft keys
  • Mounted devices

Handle every step of a crisis with comprehensive tools that help you prepare for any situation.

  • Map out every response plan stage
  • Collaborate virtually with key stakeholders
  • Account for everyone during an incident
  • Upload resources to aid your responders

Efficiently respond to active shooter incidents and keep your people protected during dangerous situations.

  • Lockdown or evacuate your building
  • Mass notifications that help reach everyone
  • Start to finish incident management
  • Gunshot detection integration

Leverage a flexible and effective bell system to automate daily tasks and streamline procedures.

  • School bell scheduling
  • Shift changes
  • Night bell
  • Daily announcements

Prepare for any weather emergency or natural disaster with tools that actively monitor for events and send automated alerts.

  • Monitor specific geographic areas and events
  • Plan for closings and delays
  • IPAWS functionality available
  • Integration with Early Earthquake Warning tools

Stay on top of an unfolding emergency with automatic alerting and response tools.

  • Know when 911 is called
  • Record and listen to in progress calls
  • Extend alerts to the PSAP
  • Coordinate with first responders

Integrate student safety into every component of your school’s operations to protect the people that matter most.

  • Enhanced student safety
  • Conduct rostering and reunification
  • Set up an anonymous threat tip line
  • SIS integration available

Screen every visitor who enters your buildings and create a secure check-in and check-out process at your front door.

  • Encrypted facial recognition
  • Background verification for visitors and volunteers
  • Tardiness tracking
  • Secure student release

Get the word out quickly during a crisis so everyone receives the information they need to stay out of harm’s way.

  • Custom messages for any scenario
  • Text, audio, and visual alerts
  • On-site and mobile reach
  • Streamlined emergency communication

Stop relying on multiple tools for your safety and daily communication requirements. As the industry’s only single-platform solution, we give your staff access to everything they need—in one place—for managing emergency communications, scheduling daily announcements and more.

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