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What is InformaCast?

InformaCast is a powerful mass notification system that reaches your people on both their mobile and on-premises devices. When you need everyone to receive a message very quickly, and you need it to grab their attention, InformaCast delivers attention-grabbing streaming audio to a wide variety of devices.


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The InformaCast emergency notification system is implemented at organizations worldwide to assist with safety and security issues. Use cases include:


Active Shooter

Protect your people from active shooter events with InformaCast mass notification. Share alerts and trigger lockdowns with the push of a button to keep people out of harm’s way.


Severe Weather Alerting

Monitor live feeds from the National Weather Service and automatically trigger an emergency notification when severe weather approaches your area.


Building Lockdown

Perform a facility-wide lockdown in the event of an emergency by sending a live or prerecorded mass notification from a desk phone, mobile phone, or dedicated panic button.

Scheduled Notifications

Schedule prerecorded notifications, such as school bells, shift changes, break reminders, or safety alerts from a single interface and leverage existing analog overhead systems.


IoT Integration

Trigger mass notifications to and from other physical systems, including fire alarms, lighting control, entry access systems, eyewash stations, and more.


Building Evacuation

Inform key personnel of emergencies and facilitate swift building evacuations through comprehensive emergency mass notification.

Panic Buttons

Use wearable devices, a mobile app, keyboard shortcuts, and designated call buttons to immediately request help.


911 Alerting

Notify key personnel when 911 is dialed and listen to near real-time recordings so you can leverage the context for when a situation occurs.


Paging and Intercom

Utilize live audio paging, ad hoc audio, two-way hands-free intercom, and push-to-talk functionalities with Cisco phones and IP speakers.



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