An active shooter alert system that helps keep your people protected.

It’s the one event no organization wants to experience, but the one every organization needs to prepare for. Active shooters can cause untold harm to your people and burdensome disruptions to your operations. InformaCast, our active shooter alert system, helps you address the challenges active shooter situations pose head-on with powerful emergency notification and incident management capabilities.

Reduce response time and manage your active shooter protocol efficiently.

Emergency Notification

Responding to an active shooter situation requires an immediate response. InformaCast offers unrivaled emergency notification capabilities to help you notify as many people as quickly as possible. Send intrusive text and audio messages to on-site and mobile devices to help ensure no one misses a message that impacts their safety. Monitor for 911 calls dialed within the building to know the moment an incident has occurred. Designate specific messages for particular groups such as security and administrators. InformaCast gives you the flexibility to use every channel available to spread the word and inform people of what actions to take to keep them safe.

Lockdown and Evacuation

During an active shooter situation organizations often lockdown their facility and ask people to shelter-in-place until the incident has been resolved. Once that happens it may be necessary to evacuate buildings. InformaCast can help organizations send messages and manage both of these tasks. Notifications from InformaCast can be sent throughout a building, alerting people to lock doors. In some circumstances, organizations can even connect InformaCast to their door access control systems to lock doors automatically. Intrusive notifications can also help manage a quick and orderly evacuation so people exit buildings safely.

Incident Management

InformaCast provides robust tools to manage an active shooter situation from start to finish. Organizations can build messages for each component of their response, access resources like floor plans and security camera feeds, bring together key stakeholders in virtual collaboration spaces, account for individuals, and view reports afterward to understand how effective their response was. This can all be done from a desktop computer or the InformaCast app so those in charge have access on the go while delivering assistance.

Rostering and Reunification

At the onset of an emergency, use InformaCast to account for each student’s location and if they are safe. When the threat has passed, our incident management tools help you carry out an organized reunification process, while documenting every step of the process so you have records to refer to and review afterward.

Emergency Calling

Schools and districts looking to meet the requirements of Alyssa’s Law can add emergency calling to the Personal Duress Package. With emergency calling enabled, when a notification is initiated, simultaneous messages are sent to your response teams and a public safety answering point (PSAP) which can dispatch first responders to help your school or district.

Gunshot Detection

New technologies are giving organizations an edge in protecting their people against active shooter threats. InformaCast can integrate with leading gunshot detection solutions to initiate notifications when a gun is fired in or near your facilities.

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All the safety solutions you need on one platform.

Whether it’s as severe as an active shooter or as mundane as an IT outage, InformaCast provides the robust emergency notification and incident management features your organization needs to handle any crisis. Discover today how we help you save money and enhance safety with an all-in-one solution.