Leverage the power of live intrusive audio using our IP paging system.

When you need people to stop what they’re doing and take action, using an audio ip paging system can be a powerful tool to help spread the word. InformaCast enables you to send live and recorded audio pages to all of your facility speakers. It can even turn your existing desk phones into speakers to broadcast pages. With flexible options for how and where messages are delivered, InformaCast has the communication solutions your organization needs to keep people informed when it matters most.

Effectively notify people of critical information with a robust IP paging system.

Live and Recorded Audio

Intrusive audio is an effective way to interrupt ongoing activities and grab people’s attention. With InformaCast, organizations can leverage existing overhead paging systems, IP speakers, and desk phones to deliver live and recorded audio pages throughout their facilities. With the push of a button, users can begin a live audio broadcast, start recording a message or initiate pre-recorded messages to play over speakers.


Emergency situations require easy and immediate communication solutions. PushToTalk is a walkie-talkie/intercom InformaCast feature that facilitates communication between multiple parties or on a one-to-one basis with the press of a button. PushToTalk can also be used for full-duplex intercom. In this mode, both parties can talk and listen at the same time. Part of what makes this feature unique is when a PushToTalk intercom session is initiated, the person on the receiving end doesn’t have to be near their phone. They can reply without needing to press any buttons or pick up a receiver. This can be particularly helpful in classrooms when a teacher is requesting assistance.

Groups and Zones

Direct your audio messages to the right people with InformaCast. Create groups to send audio pages only to specified devices and create zones so a message is played only on a particular floor or building wing. This helps get information to the people who need it without disturbing other ongoing activities.

Legacy Paging System Integration

Implementing new technology doesn’t mean you have to get rid of what’s already working. InformaCast offers two options to leverage legacy analog paging systems with our notification software. A zone controller can register with InformaCast and have an audio line out that can then connect to existing paging amplifiers and analog speakers. The other option is the InformaCast Legacy Paging Interface which uses dialing from a PBX or phone system to deliver an audio page.

Paging Gateway

Certain environments make it difficult to use the multicast audio streaming InformaCast requires across the WAN (wide area network), due to either routing or bandwidth limitations. That’s why Singlewire offers a Paging Gateway to help overcome these challenges and enable organizations to send audio to remote sites. The Paging Gateway takes a unicast audio stream and converts it to multicast audio that phones and IP speakers can receive and play. The paging gateway is available as hardware or a virtual appliance.

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Pushing safety beyond paging all from a single platform.

If you only know InformaCast for IP paging, you’ve only read one chapter of a much larger story. InformaCast delivers intrusive text, audio, and visual notifications to a wide range of devices and systems and offers robust incident management capabilities to help handle any crisis from start to finish. Discover today how we help enhance safety and communication and save money with an all-in-one solution.