Manage student safety in every facet of your school operations.

A student management system that creates a safer school environment. Being able to account for every person within your building is the first step in achieving that goal. Whether managing mass communication with InformaCast or securing the student pick-up process with Visitor Aware, our software solutions provide the tools you need to facilitate smoother operations during everyday events and critical incidents.

A student management system with powerful tools that help protect students at every touchpoint.

SIS Integration

Integrate our software with your Student Information System to easily upload and access student data. Automatically create notification distribution groups for teachers, staff, parents, and students. Use this data to help facilitate the way you manage incidents, deliver emergency notifications, and handle daily messaging needs.

School Bus Management

Knowing exactly where your students are gives you a big advantage when trying to keep them safe. Bus Manager enables your school to know students got on the right bus, record when they got on and off the bus, and track busses as they complete their routes. This adds an extra level of accountability that extends beyond school grounds to better protect your students.

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Rostering and Reunification

At the onset of an emergency, enable teachers to account for students to know where they are and if they are safe. After an incident ends, carry out an efficient reunification process to transfer students from teachers to legal guardians. Document every step of the process to have records to refer to and review afterward with this student management system.

Tip Line

Our tip line feature enables submission of security tips to quickly inform school resource officers, staff, or administration of situations that may impact student and staff safety. Tips can be submitted with contact information or remain completely anonymous. Reports can include automatic priority screening to identify keywords or phrases that indicate high-risk tips.

All solutions you need to keep your students safe.

Student safety is your top priority, which is why we offer a full range of solutions that help you detect threats, notify everyone, and manage incidents from start to finish. With our InformaCast and Visitor Aware software, your schools will be able to enhance safety and communication to handle any situation you may face. Explore our student management system and other school safety solutions today!