Critical notifications delivered at a moment’s notice.

Managing any emergency starts with having a quick and efficient way to share information. Our emergency notification system, InformaCast, offers robust capabilities that enable organizations to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. With a vast array of message delivery options and the ability to configure easy-to-activate notification triggers, InformaCast helps you deliver the information your people need to stay safe as quickly as possible.

The emergency notification system that delivers critical information—anywhere, any time.

Automated and Manual Triggers

When an emergency occurs, the first challenge is getting the word out to make people aware of the situation. InformaCast software offers a wide range of automated and manual triggers you can use to initiate alerts. Press a button, use the InformaCast app, or dial a pre-configured code on your desk phone to send pre-built alerts throughout your organization. Set up sensors or monitor specific information feeds to automatically send alerts when activated. InformaCast helps you get the message out quickly so people can take action to keep themselves safe.

Text, Audio, and Visual Alerts

The best way to ensure your message gets seen and heard is by leveraging as many delivery methods as possible. InformaCast leverages the technology you already have to deliver notifications as text, audio and visual alerts to interrupt ongoing activities and grab attention. Send notifications to desk phones, mobile phones, desktop computers, digital signage, overhead speakers and more to achieve the most complete coverage possible when sending emergency messages.

On-site and Mobile Notifications

If you’re only relying on one channel to communicate messages, your people could be missing or ignoring information that impacts their well-being. InformaCast offers the ability to send notifications throughout your buildings and to mobile devices so no matter where someone is, they can receive a critical alert. Because you manage all messages through InformaCast—regardless of the device to which they are sent–everyone receives the same information, reducing confusion and streamlining your alerting process.

Groups and Zones

Direct your audio messages to the right people with the ability to create groups and zones. InformaCast software provides the ability to create unique groups and notifications that are only sent to specific people, such as security teams or administrators. This same functionality can be used to create a message zone, so audio messages are only played on a specific floor or in a particular wing of a building. During an emergency this can help with initial alerting or follow-up to specific groups without needing to alert your entire organization.

Technology Integrations

Use the technology you already own and leverage it for enhanced safety. InformaCast software may be integrated with a wide range of technologies that help disparate devices and systems communicate with one another and share the same information concurrently. Start adding value to your existing investments by adding InformaCast software.

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All the safety solutions you need on one platform.

There’s no need to worry about making significant investments in tools that are disconnected from each other. InformaCast software helps consolidate safety, communication, and incident management tools into a single emergency notification system platform. Discover how we help you save money, enhance safety, and simplify administration with our all-in-one solution.