Initiate and receive desktop alert notifications with urgent information.

Ensuring people receive critical communications means delivering messages to the devices they use most frequently. Desktop notifications reach people directly at their desks, interrupting ongoing work to capture their attention. Our desktop alert software, InformaCast, offers multiple ways to deliver text, audio, and visual desktop alerts. With on-site and cloud-based notification options, send vital information to everyone within your buildings as well as remote workers.

Turn your desktop computers into powerful safety tools.

Desktop App

InformaCast’s, desktop alert software, app is available for Windows and Mac devices and can be used to deliver cloud-based notifications with text and audio. This enables people to receive alerts no matter where they are as long as they have an internet connection. Notifications can be sent directly to the app or be configured to take over the entire screen depending on the urgency of the message.

The app can also be used to initiate an alert throughout your organization. Select a scenario within the app (logging into InformaCast is not required), or use configured keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts act as desktop panic buttons to quickly send out alerts the moment someone notices an issue.

Desktop Notifier

InformaCast Desktop Notifier may be installed on Windows or Mac computers and is tied directly to your organization’s network. Desktop Notifier has four options for displaying messages, including full-screen pop-ups, scrolling ticker, toast and tray notifications. Messages may include text and audio and are scalable to organizations of any size.

Text and Audio Customization

Notifications sent to desktop computers can be customized to match your organization’s colors, making it clear the message is coming from a trusted source. Prepare written content for your organization’s situation and include pre-recorded audio. Notifications can also include links to relevant resources such as security camera feeds, evacuation maps, or security checklists.

Specific groups and zones can be established, so messages are only sent to specific devices depending on the situation. This could include setting up a group for a particular wing or floor of a building or one that only sends alerts to desktop computers of security personnel. InformaCast offers the flexibility to meet your needs so you can deliver the right message to the right people where it will most likely be seen.

All the safety solutions you need on one platform.

Desktop notifications are just one way InformaCast can deliver critical information. Text, audio, and visual alerts can be sent to desk phones, speakers, digital signage, mobile devices, and more. Discover today how we help you detect threats, notify everyone, and manage incidents with our all-in-one solution.