Meet Our Dedicated Team

The success of Singlewire Software is driven by our dedicated team members. They work tirelessly to deliver solutions that impact the well-being of millions of people—and their families. The leaders of our development, sales, marketing, customer success, and technical support teams leverage their expertise to cultivate an environment built on collaboration, innovation, and transparency to create solutions that help organizations put safety first.

Paul Shain, Co-founder and Executive Chair

I’ve always been a firm believer that safety starts with strong communication. It’s been my passion from day one since leading the strategic direction of our company as we develop innovative software solutions to create safer workplaces. With decades of experience as a technology industry executive, the success of a company starts with talented people—and Singlewire Software is no different. Through collaboration and strong teamwork, we’ve expanded our solution capabilities exponentially and grown our team from a handful of dedicated people to more than 150 gifted employees. By welcoming challenges and inspiring excellence, I continue to expand our vision as we design solutions that deliver peace of mind, and protect the well-being of every person.

  • MBA in Finance, University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Served on executive partner councils for both IBM Corporation and Cisco Systems
  • Serves on the board of directors for Fiduciary Management Inc., American Family Insurance Company, and the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association
  • Former CEO, Berbee Information Networks Corporation
  • Former Managing Director & Director of Research, Robert W. Baird & Co

Paul Shain

Co-Founder and Executive Chair

Terry Swanson, President & CEO

Singlewire Software is a promising company with strong initiatives that we achieve through hard work, organized strategic endeavors, and ambitious goal-setting. Our team delivers solutions that enable our customers to formulate hopeful visions for a safer future. Working closely with department heads, I can bring my previous business development and leadership experience to support day-to-day activities. I am excited to work every day with a team dedicated to maintaining and adding to our customer relationships while continuing to create products that help protect people.

  • BSME, University of Minnesota
  • Former Area Vice President of Berbee
  • Former Vice President at CDW
  • Former Director of Business Development at Sirius Computer Solutions
  • Former President and CEO of OneNeck IT Solutions

Terry Swanson

President & CEO

Nick Dearing, Chief Financial Officer

It takes a lot to keep a company running, and from finance to IT to human resources and legal, I lead a group of talented individuals that helps keep the lights on at Singlewire. Company growth relies on informed decision-making. By collaborating with others and taking a measured approach to our business decisions, I help ensure we continue to grow the company year after year. I do this through a results-oriented approach that leverages the skillset of the entire Singlewire team to develop new opportunities that maximize business performance.

  • BBA, University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • Former Finance VP for Fiserv
  • Former manager for pricewaterhouseCoopers

Nick Dearing

Chief Financial Officer

Jerry Steinhauer, Chief Technology Officer

As one of the members of the team that developed the first version of our InformaCast software, I understand how critical it is to simplify the way we communicate in order to keep people safe. That principle has guided our entire product architecture for more than 20 years, and it’s why we integrate with so many third-party devices. We want organizations to be able to use the equipment they already have to help spread the word during a crisis. More important, we want our customers to have confidence that their solutions will deploy when needed most. That’s why our teams test everything rigorously to ensure customers have reliable tools that deliver the information needed to stay out of harm’s way.

  • BS, University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • 30+ years of IT experience
  • Cisco CCIE Voice since 2003
  • Former developer for Berbee/CDW
  • Singlewire liaison with Cisco

Jerry Steinhauer

Chief Technology Officer

Charlie Ciccia, Vice President of Software Development

Developing effective, reliable software relies on a strong team. I believe in fostering a diverse workforce to ensure we continually bring new ideas that will drive innovation and ultimately the solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. We use cutting-edge tools to create new features and capabilities for our products that help us maintain our industry leadership position. I’ve helped lead Singlewire through several enterprise-level scaling and growth initiatives and have a hand in overseeing our product development to ensure we are responding to what our customers expect from our products.

  • MS, Carnegie Mellon University
  • 15+ years of software experience

Charlie Ciccia

Vice President of Software Development

Bennett Stone, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer—Visitor Aware

As a co-founder of Visitor Aware leading technological developments, I’m bringing a vision of safety and cutting-edge ideas to Singlewire Software to create solutions that exceed our customers’ needs. We focus on user-friendly, scalable software, using the latest cloud computing, AI, and data analytics to streamline operations and enhance safety. My role involves close collaboration with product development to expand our technology offerings, ensuring we provide comprehensive solutions that empower organizations to improve security and communication. Together, we’re pushing boundaries and making the world safer and more connected.

  • BS in Mktg, Iowa State University
  • M.S., Human-Computer Interaction, Iowa State University
  • 20+ years of software development experience
  • Former Senior Engineer at Motorola Solutions
  • Former Senior Engineer at Apple
  • Former Chief Operating Officer at Wreked Records
  • Founder, Chief Technology Officer at
  • Former Managing Director at Code & Pixel

Bennett Stone

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Visitor Aware

Greg Sliwicki, Co-founder and Senior Sales Advisor

The easiest product to sell is the one people actually need. Our sales team is energized because they have a product that our customers use every day to make a difference in the well-being of people’s lives. With a simple message centered around safety and communication, I’ve led the sales team as we’ve grown the company from 1,000 customers to over 8,000 in 56 countries. We’ve added more people and evolved our strategy so we can knowledgeably and efficiently address our customers’ needs.

  • BBA, University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • Former Group Vice President at CDW
  • Former President of Berbee Information Networks Corporation
  • Past President of Optimist International
  • Former member of the IBM sales team
  • Former board member of Valicom and Liveality

Greg Sliwicki

Co-founder and Senior Sales Advisor

Dan Motuliak, Vice President of Sales

How people research and select solutions continues to change, so our sales team has adapted to stay in front of our audience. We know organizations are putting their people first, and we strive to establish ourselves as the trusted solution when it comes to safety and communication. In my role, I’m leading sales team so we can exceed our business goals while continuing to provide excellent customer service.

  • MBA, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • 10+ years of communication and security sales experience

Dan Motuliak

Vice President of Sales

Brent Kiedrowski, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Channels

Technology and safety needs never stop evolving, which is why I’m always on the lookout for partners that deliver innovative solutions to address pressing challenges.I’m fortunate to engage with a wide array of partners who are as dedicated as Singlewire is to providing safety and communication solutions that help keep people out of harm’s way. Engaging with partners helps strengthen our offering and bring it to a wider audience while giving our customers a more effective and valuable solution.

  • BS, University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point
  • 20+ years of technology sales experience

Brent Kiedrowski

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Channels

David Tucker, Vice President of Product Strategy

The truth is, many organizations are unprepared for emergency situations. The primary reason for that is that they simply don’t know about the solutions that are out there. In my role, I’m focused on providing leadership and oversight for product strategy and management to deliver an excellent solution to our customers. We know we offer high-value solutions backed up by thousands of users who rely on us every day. I’m committed to sharing our solutions with a wider audience so they can enhance the way they protect their people.

  • MBA, Texas A&M University
  • Founding members of the Collaboration business at Cisco
  • Former Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Selsius
  • Responsible for the creation of an enterprise video PBX platform, Incite

David Tucker

Vice President of Product Strategy

Joanna Haugland, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer—Visitor Aware

As a co-founder of Visitor Aware leading sales and marketing efforts, I bring a dynamic perspective to the work being done at Singlewire Software. With a focus on customer relationships and brand expansion, my mission is clear: to highlight the value of our solutions. Combining Singlewire Software’s strengths with Visitor Aware’s technology, we offer comprehensive communication and security solutions to a broader audience. Through strategic marketing and targeted sales, we communicate that Singlewire Software is the go-to partner for organizations looking to enhance communication, safety, and visitor management. Together, we foster growth and safety, making our world safer and more connected.

  • AA, Southwestern Community College, Iowa
  • BE, Iowa State University

Joanna Haugland

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Visitor Aware

Sarah Dewbre, Human Resources Manager

Our team understands the importance of the work they do every day. We develop critical solutions that impact people’s well-being, and I work to recruit individuals who embrace this meaningful mission. During my time with Singlewire, I’ve worked with other team members to promote a culture focused on diversity, inclusion, respect and balancing the work that needs to be done without interfering with our employees’ lives outside of work. It’s these ideas that have help our company receive multiple recognitions as one of Madison’s top workplaces.

  • BS, University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • MBA, University of Phoenix
  • 15+ years of recruiting, staffing and human resources experience

Sarah Dewbre

Human Resources Manager