InformaCast for Higher Education

A college or university can be a vulnerable environment. With multiple buildings and open public access, it’s important to have a notification system in place that can reach everyone quickly during an emergency. Most campuses have a system that relies primarily on SMS text messaging to reach students, staff and faculty. This is one necessary component, but SMS messaging alone is insufficient because it lacks the speed and the coverage that are key to keeping everyone safe.



Use Cases

InformaCast emergency notification software is built to make message delivery easy and quick in any situation. The system can be deployed in a variety of scenarios for:

Lock - Privacy Alerts Lockdown

We live in an age where lockdown procedures are not a unique occurrence, but an expected routine. When lives are threatened on your campus, notify everyone through a multitude of devices and message types that a lockdown is in place. Don't settle for mobile-only messaging. Utilize all available communication methods, including desk phones, computers, overhead paging and digital signage.

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Severe Weather Notifcation Intruder on Campus

When an unwelcome visitor comes onto campus, it’s vital to alert people as quickly as possible, and give them information to identify the intruder. With InformaCast emergency notification system, users can send alerts that include text, images and even video to help spread awareness of potential threats.

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Crisis Undercover Severe Weather

No matter where your campus is, severe weather has the potential to disrupt activities and cause potential harm. Whether it’s a tornado, blizzard or hail storm, campus residents need to know when severe weather is coming, and what do when it strikes. InformaCast pulls severe weather alerts directly from the National Weather Service and distributes an emergency notification to InformaCast users when severe weather approaches. Custom follow-up messages can be distributed to provide more specific instructions to seek shelter or cancel events.

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Hazardous Material - Mass Notification Hazardous Material Spill

College campuses are home to important research facilities and state-of-the-art labs. If an accident occurs, you need to be able to secure the area, and alert emergency personnel. InformaCast can be triggered to send notifications to make sure everyone is safe and prevent others from entering a hazardous area.

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A robust emergency notification system is able to handle whatever type of situation your campus might experience. Having a wealth of functionalities to call upon means you can alert students, faculty and staff in any scenario with speed and ease, and manage the situation with responses and reporting.

InformaCast features:

911 Call Monitoring

If an emergency is happening on campus, you need to know about it. With 911 call monitoring and recording, whenever 911 is dialed from a campus device, an alert will be sent to designated personnel. The call can also be recorded to provide additional context for what type of situation is taking place.

Weather Alerts

Sync InformaCast with the National Weather Service to automatically distribute alerts when severe weather is approaching.

Call-for-Help Notification

Know when an emergency phone, pole or button is activated on campus.

Versatile Messaging

Send audio, text and video notifications to phones, speakers, computers and other devices.

Designated Groups

Choose exactly who receives notifications with designated groups that can be as exact as a single person, reach a specific department, or even the entire campus community.


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