Identify everyone who comes through your doors.

Building safety starts at the front door. Being able to scan someone’s ID and know whether or not they pose a threat in seconds can help prevent unwanted guests from gaining access and causing harm. Our visitor check-in software, Visitor Aware, gives you the ability to screen every visitor and identify potential threats to help keep your people safe.

Simplify and secure your visitor management process.

Visitor Check-in and Check-out

Leverage hardware your organization already has on hand to screen every visitor that comes through your doors. Continually updated encrypted facial recognition means fewer false positives than competitive solutions. Return visitors can even check in without identification using a single photo in about one second.

Volunteer Management

Leverage custom volunteer applications to provide quick and easy information collection. After volunteers submit their digital application, the approval process is tracked based on customizable requirements and their final status is recorded. Once approved, they can sign in and have their hours automatically recorded.

Visitor Verification

Immediately validate visitors and volunteers against national sex offender and government watchlists and active legal injunctions. Maintain a list of banned visitors who should be flagged when trying to check in to prevent known offenders from gaining access.

Tardiness Tracking

Help office staff track student tardiness and replace pen and paper record keeping with a digital solution. Record a student tardy, print tardy passes, and create easy ways to track tardiness via custom reports.

Secure Student Release

Quickly identify visitors who may pose a threat and/or individuals not approved for student pick-up. Release students only when visitors have completed the screening process and are recognized as authorized guardians.

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All the safety solutions you need on one platform.

Our visitor check-in software, Visitor Aware, also works with our InformaCast emergency notification and incident management software. Discover how we provide a full suite of tools that enable your organization to detect threats, notify everyone, and manage incident from start to finish.