Government Emergency Notification System

Safety officials in government need to be prepared to protect their personnel against any threat they may encounter. From terrorist attacks to severe weather, you need to have a means to send notifications to people throughout your facility efficiently. InformaCast helps you quickly deliver critical messages to evacuate or lockdown buildings and get your people out of harm’s way.

Use Cases

When your government building is threatened, you need to reach everyone with the utmost speed. Use InformaCast emergency notification system for:

Lock Lockdown

Government buildings need lockdown plans in the event of an attack. InformaCast offers an easy means to quickly initiate and share lockdown procedures throughout a building. Similarly, your people can be reached anywhere on their mobile phones and be warned not to come near the lockdown situation.

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911 Alerting 911 Alerting

When police and fire personnel arrive at the front desk and ask to be directed to the emergency, but the staff are unaware that an emergency has happened, that's a problem. With InformaCast, you will be alerted whenever 911 is dialed, and the call can be automatically recorded, so you'll know why 911 was dialed.

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 Crisis Management

During emergencies, it can be challenging to gather everyone you need to address the situation. With InformaCast, users can instantly trigger conference calls to bring together the right people to manage the situation as quickly as possible.

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Severe WeatherSevere Weather

Government organizations need to be aware of severe weather to continue to operate smoothly. When severe weather approaches, InformaCast pulls alerts directly from the National Weather Service and distributes to InformaCast users. Custom follow-up messages can be distributed to provide more specific instructions to seek shelter or close buildings.

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Government agencies are susceptible to all types of threats. Keeping government employees safe where they work can be challenging, but utilizing the right communication tools can make it more manageable. Being able to reach everyone quickly helps keep people safe during dangerous situations.

InformaCast features:

Simple Evacuation Tools

Quickly reach everyone at their desks and throughout the building to begin evacuation during an emergency.

Panic Buttons

Deploy discreet panic buttons, either virtually on desk phones or as dedicated physical buttons, for staff to call for assistance when encountering a threat or emergency.

Facility Lockdown

Initiate your lockdown procedure with the touch of a button when an emergency occurs in your building.

Weather Alerts

Automatically receive updates on approaching severe weather that may impact daily operations.

Versatile Messaging

Send audio, text and video notifications to phones, speakers, computers and other devices in your building. 

Designated Groups

Choose exactly who receives notifications with designated groups that can be a single person, a specific department, or the entire building.


InformaCast FIPS 140-2

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