Safety starts the minute someone walks through your doors.

One of the best ways to prevent an incident from happening is to stop the threat before it has a chance to put your people at risk. The Visitor Manager capabilities of our Visitor Aware software give your organization the means to screen every guest so you can identify potential threats before they can harm your people.

Visitor Manager from Visitor Aware

Visitor Check-in

You need to know who’s entering your buildings to prevent unwanted guests from gaining access. Using the Visitor Manager capabilities of Visitor Aware, you can scan guests’ IDs when they enter your building to determine whether or not they should be permitted. Badges can be printed for permitted guests to identify themselves and the areas within your building they are allowed to visit.

Volunteer Management

Use custom applications to quickly collect information and approve volunteers. Once approved, volunteers can sign in and automatically record their hours.

Visitor Verification

Remove human error from the equation when trying to determine if a guest should be granted acces. Visitor Manager immediately validates visitors and volunteer IDs against national sex offender and government watchlists and active legal injunctions. It can also maintain a list of banned visitors who should be flagged when trying to check in to prevent known offenders from gaining access to your facilities.

Student Tardy

Schools and districts can use Visitor Manager to track student tardiness and replace pen and paper records with a digital solution. When students arrive late, they can be recorded as tardy, and have a pass printed, creating easy ways to track tardiness.

Secure Student Release

Sometimes parents are busy, and need a hand getting their kids home from school. Schools and districts can also use Visitor Manager to quickly identify individuals approved to pick up particular students. This helps school officials ensure students are being released only when visitors have completed the screening process and are confirmed as authorized guardians.

No Hardware Requirements

Proprietary hardware can often be a stumbling block when implementing new software solutions. That’s why the Visitor Manager capabilities of Visitor Aware have no specified hardware requirements and can be used with laptops, tablets, and mobile devices your organization already invested in. It is compatible with a wide range of cost-effective scanners and badge printers to give your organization the flexibility it needs to suit your budget and environment.

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All solutions you need to keep your people safe.

Safety is a top priority for any organization, which is why we offer a full range of solutions that help you detect threats, notify everyone, and manage incidents from start to finish. With our Visitor Aware and InformaCast software, your organization will be able to enhance safety and communication to handle any situation you may face. Explore our safety solutions today!