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When an incident occurs, be ready with a well-thought-out plan and communication tools that alert people of what’s happening, what they should be doing, and when normal operations are expected to resume. Our incident management software, InformaCast, offers a full range of incident management capabilities that help you confidently handle any situation you face.

Respond quickly and effectively with comprehensive incident management software.

Scenario Planning

Each organization faces unique safety challenges. Build custom scenarios within InformaCast that outline your emergency response steps for critical events—whether it’s an active shooter, severe weather, medical emergency or other incidents. Once created, scenarios are easily accessible from the InformaCast app or web interface.

Critical Incident Mapping

Organizations will be able to define buildings, floors, and rooms with CRG Collaborative Response Graphics® that have been uploaded into InformaCast. When a scenario is initiated with these details, recipients will receive the notification along with a map that has a highlighted area indicating the sender’s location so responders can ascertain where the person is and send assistance.

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Emergency Notification

A key component of incident response is being able to share information quickly. InformaCast offers unparalleled emergency notification capabilities to help you notify as many people as quickly as possible. Build messages for every incident milestone, including initial alerts, follow-up messages with additional information, and the “All Clear” alert. Designate specific messages for particular groups, such as security and administrators. We make every resource available at your fingertips so you can keep people informed as a situation unfolds.

Virtual Collaboration

When an emergency strikes, you need to quickly gather the right people to assess the situation and deploy a response. With InformaCast, send out notifications that invite people to join a virtual collaboration space or conference call. InformaCast integrates with leading collaboration tools including Webex, Zoom and Microsoft Teams so your organization can gather necessary insights and send help to those most in need.

Roll Call

One of the biggest challenges during an incident is understanding who is safe, who is missing, or who may need help. Roll Call functionality within the InformaCast app enables designated users to account for people for whom they are responsible. View real-time responses within InformaCast to see if anyone is unaccounted for. Roll Call is useful in many industries for rostering and reunification or mustering and for general accountability and record keeping.

All Clear

Once an incident has ended, returning to normal operations can be difficult. Sometimes people aren’t where they are supposed to be and lingering confusion exists about what exactly people should be doing. With InformaCast, send “All Clear” messages throughout your facilities and to mobile devices so everyone knows simultaneously when the threat has passed. This can help get operations back up and running quickly to minimize the overall impact of an incident.


InformaCast enables you to collect and view data after an incident to determine how effective your response was. See whether notifications successfully reached their intended people and devices. Reviewing this data helps identify any gaps in your response plan so you can make adjustments for the future.

Safety Drills

One of the best ways to prepare for an incident is to practice. With our Safety Drill Manager solution, you can assign and schedule drills for any kind of event. You can also create checklists with specific tasks that need to be completed. This creates digital records you can maintain to help demonstrate drill completion and compliance at your organization.

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Don’t make large investments in disconnected tools. InformaCast offers all the incident management and emergency notification features your organization needs to help keep people safe and informed. Discover today how we can help you save time and money while enhancing safety and communication with an all-in-one solution.