Preserve business continuity with comprehensive notification and management solutions.

Your people keep your business running. Their well-being and protection is priority one. Our emergency notification system for business enables you to reach both on-site and remote workers with intrusive alerts, and handle every step of a crisis with robust incident management tools. Reach the right people, respond more effectively, and minimize the impact of a disruptive event.

InformaCast®. An emergency notification system to address any business safety challenge.

Send intrusive alerts,
to every part of your facilities.

Communicate effectively across multiple buildings and within designated building areas. Use InformaCast to initiate alerts across any device, including legacy systems.

  • Send audio alerts over speakers, desk phones and alarms
  • Send visual alerts through digital signage and lights
  • Send text alerts to mobile phones, desktops and desk phones

Deliver the right
message to the
right recipient.

Improve operational efficiency and avoid miscommunication during stressful events by setting up precisely who receives a message.

  • Automate message sequences and recipients for specific scenarios
  • Set up internal groups and zones to avoid sensitive areas and minimize disruptions in areas unaffected by an incident
  • Set up external groups such as police and fire departments

Manage incidents
from start to finish.

From the initial alert to the final “All Clear” message, manage every step of a critical event.

  • Automatically gather key stakeholders on a conference call or virtual meeting
  • Access vital resources such as floor plans and links to security camera feeds
  • Account for each person and view after-action reporting

Visitor Aware®.
Simplify visitor management and safeguard your facilities.

businesswoman works with colleague

Screen and manage visitors effectively.

Protect your staff and sensitive areas with a secure and automatic visitor screening process. Our software screens visitors in seconds against sexual predator registries, watchlists, legal injunctions, custom-banned visitor lists and more. Immediately identify visitors, along with arrival time, allowed destinations and departures.

Protect your team and streamline communication with our emergency notification system for business.

Safety & Security

According to the FBI, about 70% of active shooter incidents end in less than 5 minutes, making response time crucial. Immediately alert everyone that an intruder is on-premises, trigger a lockdown and coordinate communication with every party, including law enforcement and first responders.

Know when 911 is dialed in your building to assist with the incident and guide emergency personnel. Listen to and record ongoing calls to get additional context into the situation.

Secure and automate the visitor screening and check-in process. Screen every visitor against national databases, and create custom-banned visitor lists to stop unwanted visitors from accessing your buildings.

Our software provides the tools you need to direct employees to muster points during emergencies and account for each person to verify their safety.

Monitor feeds from the National Weather Service and send automated alerts when severe weather approaches that may impact your business.

Daily Operations

Keep remote workers in the loop with cloud-based notifications that can be sent to their mobile devices, desktop computers and email.

When incidents occur, our software helps you minimize downtime by managing communications with each affected party seamlessly. Plan message content and sequences ahead of time for possible scenarios to provide clear direction in stressful situations.

Tie into your facility’s IoT devices to monitor critical equipment that impacts quality control and facility safety to stay ahead of potential incidents that could affect operations.

Automate daily audio and text announcements for shift changes, and other regularly occurring events.

Secure cloud-based functionality enables you to maintain the ability to send critical communications even in the face of IT issues that may otherwise disrupt operations.

Our emergency notification system for business is trusted by hundreds of companies nationwide.

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“We feel we’ve really put a tool in place that helps us bring security and safety to all our employees.”

Craig Huss, Assistant VP of IT and Chief Information Security Officer, Church Mutual Insurance

Hear from others how InformaCast helps improve safety and communications.

BAA Implements InformaCast at London Heathrow Airport for overhead paging and emergency notification.

BAA Implements InformaCast® for Mass Notification at London Heathrow

Church Mutual use InformaCast to help protect and inform employees

Wisconsin Insurance Company Enhances Safety and Reaches Everyone Using InformaCast®

From retail to financial and professional services, our solutions help businesses protect their facilities and communicate with associates to ensure they receive the information needed to stay safe.

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