Reach people wherever they are with mobile notifications.

Hybrid workplaces, remote workers, business travel, and other changes have made communication challenging. InformaCast provides a direct line to the mobile devices people carry every day through our mass text notification system. Whether it’s sending mass text messages or managing an incident from anywhere, use InformaCast and its mobile app to keep your people informed.

A mass text notification system and so much more.

Mass Text, Email and Push Notification

InformaCast offers a mass text notification system that reaches people on their mobile devices. Notifications can be sent as SMS text, emails or push notifications to users with the InformaCast app. This ensures a direct connection for delivering critical information to people wherever they are, and can prevent people who may be outside your facilities from entering a potentially dangerous situation.

Mobile Panic Button

System administrators can create mobile panic buttons within the InformaCast app web interface. These buttons then appear within the InformaCast app on designated end-users’ phones. When a user activates a button, they receive instructions and are able to connect with safety teams via a phone call directly from the app.

Administrators are notified when someone activates the button and can see the user’s location through the app and send follow-up messages. The event is tracked so information can be relayed to first responders, so they know the situation, where to go, and who is involved.

Visitor Notification

Keep people informed even if they are not a part of your organization. Using InformaCast, visitors can register to receive notifications using a web browser or by texting a hashtag to a phone number (e.g. text #visitoralerts to XXX-XXX-XXXX). This information can be sent out ahead of an event, posted around your facility, or given to contractors or temp workers as part of their onboarding. Enrollment can be set to expire after a certain period of time, so people only receive alerts while they are visiting.

Real-time Responses

Notifications can be sent to users that ask for a response. This could be a message asking people to respond if they are safe or need assistance or whether or not they have successfully evacuated a building. Responses can be viewed in real time as they come in via the InformaCast mobile app, providing insights into the impact of a situation and the effectiveness of your organization’s response.

Complete Incident Management

You can’t be tied to a computer during an emergency. From the InformaCast mobile app, designated administrators create notifications, launch preconfigured scenarios, and manage incidents from start to finish. Provide all the capabilities your team needs to share information, see valuable real-time insights, and coordinate a response from any mobile device.

One platform for facility-wide alerting, plus a mass text notification system.

Mobile alerting through our mass text notification system is a great way to reach people quickly, but it’s only one part of the story. InformaCast is a complete notification and incident management solution that enables message delivery throughout your buildings. It provides you with the best opportunity to reach all your people with information they need to stay safe. Discover how we help you save money, reach more people, and enhance safety with an all-in-one solution.