Know the moment 911 is dialed.

Helping someone in need isn’t possible until the issue is made known. With our InformaCast 911 software, preconfigured notifications will be sent the moment someone dials 911 or another emergency number from a phone within your buildings. By immediately alerting response teams of an issue, they can send assistance and better direct first responders when they arrive.

Understand the situation and send help with ease.

Automated Alerting

CallAware is the 911 software within InformaCast which organizations can use to set up automated alerts for when 911 is dialed from a landline phone within their facilities. These alerts can have configured messages attached to them that are sent throughout an organization or to defined groups like security teams. Notifications can be sent as text, audio, and visual cues to desk phones, mobile devices, desktop computers, speakers, digital signage, and other devices. This helps ensure the right people receive the message quickly and can begin responding without waiting for dispatchers.

Call Listening and Recording

Organizations can configure CallAware to record 911 calls when they are placed. Users who receive a notification that 911 has been dialed can listen to in-progress calls to understand the situation as it unfolds. When the call is finished, a complete recording file is available for playback and download. This helps with incident reporting so you can understand what happened and measure response effectiveness.

Emergency Calling

Schools and districts looking to meet the requirements of Alyssa’s Law can add emergency calling to notifications alerting first responders about an active assailant. When a notification is initiated, simultaneous messages are sent to your response teams and a public safety answering point (PSAP) which can dispatch first responders to help your school or district.

More than 911 Software

While 911 is the most common use case for our CallAware feature, InformaCast also offers the flexibility to monitor any number that an organization may want to receive an alert for when dialed. This may be a separate number for internal security teams or a maintenance issue that needs to be addressed. Use our software in the way that best suits your organization’s needs.

All the safety solutions you need on one platform.

From the moment 911 is dialed, InformaCast offers the tools needed to handle every critical next step. Discover how we help you detect threats, notify everyone, and manage an incident from start to finish with an all-in-one solution.