InformaCast for Manufacturing

In a manufacturing facility, ambient noise and other distractions can make it difficult to quickly notify everyone during an emergency. InformaCast for Manufacturing can tie into existing sensors and devices to alert employees when emergencies happen. InformaCast works with a variety of audio and visual output devices to make sure that the message gets through, even in the harshest environment.



Use Cases

No matter what the emergency, you need to notify everyone in your facility. Use InformaCast emergency notification system in manufacturing for:

Hazardous Material - Mass Notification Hazardous Material Spill

Manufacturing facilities sometimes deal with volatile materials. If an accident occurs, keep everyone informed by integrating InformaCast emergency notification system with fire alarms, sprinklers, temperature sensors, ammonia sensors, and other existing systems.

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911 Alerting 911 Alerting

Manufacturing facilities can be vast, and if someone is injured, it can be difficult to get them assistance quickly. InformaCast can monitor, record and send alerts when 911 is dialed in your facility to ensure a fast response to those that need it most.

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Lock - Privacy Alerts Lockdown

An efficient lockdown procedure can help enhance the safety of an organization and its members. When lives are in danger, use InformaCast mass notification software to notify everyone through a multitude of devices and message types that a lockdown is in place.

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Severe Weather Notifcation Severe Weather

Severe weather can impact production, especially if your facility is unprepared. InformaCast pulls severe weather alerts directly from the National Weather Service and distributes to InformaCast users when severe weather approaches. Reach everyone with one mass notification whether they are at home, in transit, or at the plant.

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In manufacturing facilities, a mass notification needs to be seen and heard. Noises from machinery can drown out sirens and phone calls. Our customers use InformaCast to comply with OSHA requirements and other safety standards in their facilities to keep everyone safe and informed.

InformaCast Features:

Line Stop Alerts

Know the moment line production halts, so you can fix the issue and resume work with minimal downtime. 

Eye Wash Station Alert

Receive alerts when eye wash stations are used to know when employees may have been harmed.

Severe Weather

Automatically receive alerts about severe weather and make informed decisions about when to halt production.

Emergency Call Alerts

Respond to injured workers by receiving alerts when 911 is called in your facility.

Chemical Spill

From severe weather to intruders and 911 emergency notification, InformaCast can send alerts to everyone, keeping them safe in the event of an emergency.


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