Healthcare Notification System

At healthcare facilities, staff are focused on providing excellent patient care. Utilizing a notification system that can streamline communications provides more time for your staff to spend with patients. InformaCast mass notification for Healthcare delivers better emergency and clinical workflow communications, resulting in enhanced patient care.



Use Cases

Provide excellent patient care with simplified and automated overhead paging. Use InformaCast emergency notification system in your healthcare facility for:

Lock - Privacy Alerts Automate Pages

In healthcare facilities, clear communication and timeliness can mean the difference between life and death. Use InformaCast to send pre-recorded messages, such as Code Blue, with the push of a button on Cisco phones.

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Microphone - Alert Notification Track Patients

Keeping track of patients is a vital component of excellent patient care. Use InformaCast to tie into patient tracking devices and receive an emergency notification when they wander outside of designated areas.

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Lock - Privacy Alerts Lockdown

If a critical safety situation arises, healthcare facilities need to initiate a lockdown in an instant. InformaCast offers an easy means to quickly initiate and share lockdown procedures with all staff and visitors, on both mobile and on-premises communication devices.

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Severe WeatherSevere Weather

Healthcare facilities need to stay up and running even during severe weather. When severe weather approaches, InformaCast pulls alerts directly from the National Weather Service and distributes to InformaCast users. Custom follow-up messages can be distributed to provide more specific instructions to seek shelter or close buildings.

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Part of providing excellent patient care is being able to utilize advanced business communications. Patient updates, shift changes, and other potential emergencies can upend healthcare operations. Workers need a single, simple system to communicate quickly and clearly with everyone that needs critical information.

InformaCast features:

Patient Tracking

Receive emergency notification alerts when patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s leave designated patient zones.

Prerecorded Messages

Deploy prerecorded messages to announce shift changes, the end of visiting hours, and even personalized messages from patients’ family members.

Granular Paging

Designate quiet zones to avoid sending critical pages to sensitive waiting areas.

Facility Lockdown

Initiate lockdown procedure with the touch of a button when an emergency occurs in your facility.

Weather Alerts

Automatically receive mass notification updates on approaching severe weather that may impact schedules and shifts.

Versatile Messaging

Send audio, text and video notifications to phones, speakers, computers and other devices in your building and to mobile users.

Designated Groups

Choose exactly who receives notifications with designated groups that can be a single person, a specific department, or the entire facility.


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