Assign, schedule, conduct, and record safety drills

Organizations that put safety first are prepared for the worst, but sometimes that prep can be almost as difficult as managing an actual incident. Safety Drill Manager eliminates cumbersome spreadsheets and unreliable pen-and-paper methods for organizations that need to conduct safety drills. Easily assign and schedule drills and create checklists to digitally record that drills have been completed.

Safety Drill Manager from Visitor Aware

Schedule and Assign Drills

If you have multiple sites, or need to conduct multiple safety drills over the course of a year, keeping track of what needs to get done and when it needs to get done is no easy task. Safety Drill Manager enables your organization to assign drills to certain people and designate time frames when drills need to be completed from a web-based interface.

Create Checklists

Once drills have been assigned, your organization can also add tasks that must be completed. The person the drill has been assigned to can mark that each item has been done as the drill is conducted. This could include checking that doors were locked or unlocked.

Maintain Digital Records

Many organizations are required to conduct drills to comply with local ordinances. Safety Drill Manager creates digital records your organization can use to demonstrate the drills have been conducted and your organization is in compliance. Unified digital record keeping reduces headaches and can be more accurate than trying to grab data out of spreadsheets, scan handwritten checklists, or put together reports after a drill has taken place.

Rostering and Reunification

If your organization experiences a real incident, you need to know where people are and whether or not they are safe. Using Safety Drill Manager, your organization can account for everyone during a crisis and record their status and location. After an event, it can be used for reunification. It will also create digital records that document every step of the process that can be reviewed later.

All solutions you need to keep your people safe.

Safety is a top priority for any organization, which is why we offer a full range of solutions that help you detect threats, notify everyone, and manage incidents from start to finish. With our Visitor Aware and InformaCast software, your organization will be able to enhance safety and communication to handle any situation you may face. Explore our safety solutions today!