Know where students are and when they get on and off the bus

Student safety doesn’t need to start and end at your school building. Bus Manager from Visitor Aware helps extend that protection to students going to and from school. This tool enables bus drivers to check that students are on the right bus, record when they get on and off, and provide location data while en route. This helps schools have more insight into where students are.

Bus Manager from Visitor Aware

Verify Routes

Mistakes happen, and at the end of the day when a rush of students are eager to get home, it can be easy for a student to walk onto the wrong bus. With Bus Manager students have a QR code, ID, or passcode they scan or enter when they step onto the bus that will tell them whether or not they are on the correct vehicle to help guarantee they get home safely.

Record Keeping

Bus Manager helps schools keep track of students when they get on and off the bus whether they are coming to school or on their way home. Students are checked in when they get on and checked out when the route is completed. School officials can view data in the web-interface and have a historical record to refer back to if questions arise about a particular student’s whereabouts.

Bus Location Information

The Bus Manager app will relay location information about where particular buses are at a given time. This can help schools understand if certain busses are delayed or if issues arise along particular routes.

Parent Portal

Administrators aren’t the only ones interested in school bus tracking. Parents and guardians also want to be able to see that students have gotten on and off the bus safely. Bus Manager provides a parent portal for guardians to see records of their student getting on and off the bus when they are coming to school and returning home.

All solutions you need to keep your students safe.

Safety is a top priority for any school, which is why we offer a full range of solutions that help you detect threats, notify everyone, and manage incidents from start to finish. With our Visitor Aware and InformaCast software, your school will be able to enhance safety and communication to handle any situation you may face. Explore our safety solutions today!