CRG – Enhanced emergency response with critical incident mapping

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CRG Collaborative Response Graphics offer organizations high-resolution imagery, floor plans, and critical features within their building and surrounding exterior areas to create a communication tool that is usable in a crisis and accessible by first responders through any smart device. These maps can be uploaded into InformaCast to assist with incident management. Organizations can define buildings, floors, and rooms which are tied to the scenarios an organization creates. When a scenario is initiated, the user can add these details to their message. Recipients will receive the notification along with a map that has a highlighted area indicating the sender’s location. This helps provide critical information to responders who can ascertain where the person is and send assistance.


This integration strengthens InformaCast’s notification and incident management capabilities while expanding how CRG Collaborative Response Graphics can be leveraged during a crisis. This includes:

  • InformaCast notifications that include a map with a highlighted area indicating where an alert was initiated.
  • CRG maps can be accessed from within InformaCast by responders to help coordinate a response.
  • The ability to add InformaCast-connected devices to a CRG map.

Use Cases

CRG and Singlewire Software serve schools, businesses, hospitals, and other organizations looking to strengthen their safety and communication strategies. Together, these solutions help organizations address a wide range of threats and situations, including:

  • Active shooters
  • Lockdowns
  • Evacuations
  • Other crisis situations

About CRG

Critical Response Group, Inc. is the nation’s leader in critical incident mapping data producing common operating pictures to enhance command and control efforts during an emergency. CRG’s origins are grounded in thousands of real-life direct-action raids conducted by the United States Special Operations Forces (USSOF) over the past two decades and dozens of county-wide deployments domestically over the past five years. The management team’s mix of decorated and combat-tested USSOF officers and senior law enforcement executives possess a unique perspective on building and implementing CRGs for domestic first responders, with a focus on CRGs being used when a crisis occurs.

Support Details

CRG supports integration with InformaCast. Contact CRG support at 732-779-4393 or [email protected].