Paging Gateway License 1.0.2

This page describes open source usage in Paging Gateway 1.0.2

The following is available for public inspection:


Singlewire uses base Voyage 0.6.5

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The packages installed on the system include:

  • alsa-tools v1.0.23-2

  • alsa-utils v1.0.23-2

  • ca-certificates v20080809

  • ethstatus v0.4.3

  • ethtool v6+20080913-1

  • ifplugd v0.28-12

  • libasound2 v1.0.23-1

  • linux-sound-base v1.0.23+dfsg-1

  • openssl v0.9.8g-15+lenny6.ocf

  • webmin v1.530