Visitor Aware Biometric Retention Policy

Effective: October 2023

Singlewire Software, LLC (“Singlewire”) provides the Visitor Aware School Visitor Management and Security Software (“Visitor Aware Software”) to schools and related subscribers (collectively, “Subscribers”). The Visitor Aware Software collects or creates certain data about Subscribers’ visitors and students (“Visitors”), including capturing facial recognition through visitor action. (“Visitor Measurements”). Visitor Measurements may constitute “biometric identifiers” under certain applicable laws. These Visitor Measurements are used to identify returning visitors and volunteers for the purposes of checking into, and out of secured facilities.  These Visitor Measurements are also used to eliminate potential matches when a potentially banned or flagged visitor attempts entry; in this case, no storage of biometrics occurs. While Singlewire stores the applicable Visitor Measurements on behalf of the applicable Subscriber, the Subscriber determines how long to retain any Visitor Measurements.