Save Time and Money: Modernizing Your School Bell System


A school bell system is a must for any school. However, with today's technology, a school bell system can easily do more. 

Outdated Systems Cost Money

Over the years, there have been leaps and bounds made in the technological fields. School bell systems that require intricate manual procedures to change them for a special assembly or daylight savings time are obsolete and waste valuable time.

It can cost a school even when these systems have trouble. Since most of these older systems predate wireless systems, repairs mean calling in an electrician who has to test at each junction box, climb ladders to reach old worn wires and more.

Costs Beyond Money

In addition to this expense, it can interfere with a school's smooth functioning. If the wires are up in the ceiling, the electrician needs to reach them somehow. This can mean ladders in the middle of hallways or having to move desks and office furniture.

Another reason to look into new technology for school bell systems is the environmental disasters and rise in school incidents in recent history. These terrible events have emphasized the need for coordinated responses which can only be accomplished through better communication.

What New Systems Offer

Instead of two separate systems, school bell systems can now be used as the PA system as well. The speakers for the bells will be set so they can be heard all over campus and can easily carry voice as well as bells.

New systems exist that have these features and, also, take advantage of new social networking technologies. A school bell system can now be a highly efficient information network. The same system that programs the bells to ring when can be used to send out e-mails, texts, and tweets. This would allow the school to notify the teachers or even the parents of students in case of emergencies. It, also, allows the school administrators to coordinate the response by sending instructions with the notification.

Systems that can send out messages can, also, receive messages. New systems, such as Singlewire InformaCast, can be programmed to receive emergency communications. This allows school administrators to know immediately if a panic button has been pushed or a 911 call has been made in the system. It can even let them know about any severe weather warnings. The sooner administrators know about an emergency, the sooner they can implement action that keeps the emergency from becoming a tragedy.


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