Case Study: InformaCast Enables Facility-Wide Emergency Alerts for NB Coatings


Emergency Alert Challenges

In Chicago, Ill., NB Coatings manufactures paints and coatings that adhere to plastic car parts, such as bumpers, running boards, and side mirrors. The NB Coatings campus contains full production facilities for solvent and water-based paints, a quality control laboratory, an administrative office, and a small warehouse.

Former emergency alert procedures failed to reach everyone on the campus due to structural and technical challenges. The company needed a way to send notifications to multiple devices, so everyone would be aware when an emergency occurred.

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The company implemented InformaCast to consolidate paging systems and manage everything from a central web portal. This allowed the safety team and other staff to send emergency messages that reach all areas of campus.

An InformaCast Solution

InformaCast leverages multiple communication methods to ensure all employees, including those in the offices and production facilities, are appropriately informed of emergencies.

NB Coatings can now reach all overhead paging systems, Cisco VOIP phones, employee email accounts, and corporate cell phones.

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Safe and Cost-Effective

Solvents in some of NB Coatings’ products are caustic. That means it can be challenging to find cost-effective tools that work in that kind of environment.

To solve this problem, NB Coatings integrated InformaCast with existing systems. They configured InformaCast to broadcast simultaneously to industrial speakers in the shop and Cisco VOIP phones and computers in the office. Since NB Coatings already owned this hardware, they were able to save a considerable amount of money.

An Easy-to-Use System

NB Coatings also tied InformaCast into an Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system, making sending an emergency alert to the safety team and the rest of the campus easy enough for any employee to do it.

An employee who dials the emergency extension can select a number on the phone that corresponds to the type of emergency they are reporting and hang up. The system broadcasts the alert to all of the people who need to be notified.

InformaCast helps manufacturing facilities across the country with emergency notification, security, safety, and more to provide safe and secure work environments.

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