A Brief History of Cisco Paging and Emergency Notification

Emergency Critical Notification System

Paging Features were missing

David Tucker sold his IP telephony firm Selsius to Cisco in 1998. Back then, those white handsets were a curiosity. Some PBX industry pundits panned the technology because it lacked certain features, but others looked at running voice traffic over a data network and saw the future. Cisco filled in many of the gaps through early acquisitions, like Geotel for contact center and Unity for voicemail. Paging, however, remained a feature gap for over a decade. InformaCast and third party products popped up to fill the void, but the legions of Cisco’s partner engineers were not entirely satisfied.

Transforming into a Full-Featured Solution

In late 2012, Singlewire entered into an OEM agreement with Cisco and the Cisco Paging Server was born. Cisco Paging Server, aka InformaCast Basic Paging, has been a bedrock feature ever since. Thousands of customers have taken it a step further and upgraded to the paid version, InformaCast Advanced Notification, which essentially transforms Cisco's Unified Communications Manager and the Business Edition 6000/7000 into a full featured emergency notification system. In early 2016, David Tucker joined Singlewire as the Senior Vice President of Business Development. David’s phone no longer says Selsius on it and InformaCast does a lot more than send text and audio broadcasts to Cisco phones, but together we continue setting the pace in the emergency notification space. 




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