Create Panic Buttons to Send Emergency Notifications in Schools

panic buttons to send emergency notifications in schools

This is part two of a three-part series highlighting how Cisco phones and InformaCast work together to improve school safety. Read part one here and look for part three next week.

Protect Every Classroom

An incident can occur in any part of the school. It’s important to have tools in place for teachers to easily ask for assistance when they need it. Schools that use Cisco phones can utilize InformaCast to configure panic buttons that can be displayed as speed dials.

During Cisco Live 2016, Kevin Holcomb, Technical Marketing Engineer for Cisco, recorded this video demonstrating how this functionality provides critical information that helps administrators make informed decisions during a crisis.




Panic Buttons Enhance Safety

When the panic button is pressed on the Cisco phone, whoever is set up to receive the notification (administrator, receptionist, school resource officer, etc.) will see which classroom is requesting assistance. Cisco and InformaCast can then push the feed from the closest video camera so they can review footage in real-time. InformaCast is also able to send alerts to phones, speakers, computer desktops and Jabber devices to reach security personnel quickly, wherever they are.

The message can be customized to include information relevant to the situation. In addition to the room number, the notification can include a pre-built message that includes more specific details, as well as a call back number. Recipients have the option to listen in silently to gain more insight into what is happening in the room or reach out to teachers in nearby classrooms to check on the situation.

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Cisco and InformaCast

Cisco and InformaCast are committed to providing simple solutions for K-12 schools to provide emergency notifications that enhance safety in their buildings. Real-time video feeds help administrators and security personnel make informed decisions.  

InformaCast and Cisco work together to offer a wide variety of features that help ensure safe learning environments around the country. With emergency notifications that can be sent in multiple formats to devices that include mobile devices, video displays and more, InformaCast helps schools maximize the potential of their Cisco phones.

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