InformaCast: A Communication Tool for Each Department

InformaCast: A Communication Tool for Each Department
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Put InformaCast in the Hands of the People Who Need it Most

Mass communication is often thought of as an excellent solution for emergency notification. And it certainly is. But InformaCast Mass Communication Software offers much more value than just emergency notification. It is a communication tool that can be customized to an individual user’s needs. This flexibility makes it easy for InformaCast to be utilized by people across your organization for day-to-day operations, unique communication needs, and, of course, emergencies. By utilizing InformaCast as an organization-wide communication tool, you save money by consolidating tools from different departments into a single solution. It can also save you time by limiting maintenance efforts to just one solution.

InformaCast can achieve all three of these by allowing staff who need to initiate a code blue to send the notification from any IP phone or computer in the building. With just the touch of a button, the code blue can be sent to any set of predefined IP phones, speakers, desktops, and mobile devices with an alert that contains the room number of where the code blue was called from. All within seconds, the code blue is initiated, and essential responders are notified of the code and where to respond to assist in the emergency without relying on an intermediary person accurately forwarding the message.

Mass Notification for Different Roles

While most organizations primarily use mass notifications to address safety concerns, the capabilities of mass notifications extend far beyond this single-use case. Organizations that find daily uses for mass notification get more value out of their system, but many don’t realize the flexibility of the tool they have at their disposal. With the ability to create custom message templates for any kind of communication (not just emergency messages) and the option to designate permissions so different people have access to different notifications, a mass notification system offers a highly customizable solution for all of an organization’s communication needs.

Safety and Security Teams

Let’s start with the most obvious users of mass notification: safety and security teams. Mass notification helps safety and security teams get the word out quickly during an emergency. Message templates can be built for violent intruders, lockdowns, and other crisis events. With a variety of triggering options, including a mobile app, notifications can be activated from anywhere and send audio and text to a wide range of devices, including desk phones, IP speakers, desktop computers, digital signage, and mobile devices. This provides organizations with the speed and reach they need to get critical information in front of the people who need it as quickly as possible.

Facility Managers

Of course, safety doesn’t just mean being on the lookout for potential violent threats. Facility managers need to be aware of what’s going on within their buildings and share information that may impact operations. Chemical spills, fires, burst pipes, and other maintenance issues can all impact the availability of certain parts of a building, as well as schedules. Facility managers can send alerts about these incidents to let people know if facilities will be closed or if they need to work in a different area while repairs are made.

Human Resources

For those in human resources, one of their main goals is to look out for employee well-being. Mass notifications can help achieve this goal in a number of ways. Should your organization experience a health scare, like the COVID-19 pandemic, mass notifications can be used to share links to resources and pre-screen employees before they leave for work. This can help reduce the risk of spreading the virus. HR can have discrete panic buttons configured on their desk phone to ask for assistance if an employee needs to be escorted out of the building or to schedule regular announcements.

IT Teams

The IT team may be the ones tasked with setting up a mass notification system, but they can also utilize it to provide updates to staff about interruptions to service. Alerts about network outages, phishing scams, and other technical issues can all be delivered with help from a mass notification system. Mass notification systems that offer high availability also provide IT with a resilient solution so that even if the network goes down, notifications can still be sent out to keep people informed. This reduces confusion and can minimize downtime.

No matter what roles are within your organization, they can all get value out of leveraging mass notification to help with communication. With instant alerting options and the ability to reach as many people as possible, a mass notification system can help better prepare your organization for any challenge it may face. Visit our Emergency Notification page for more information.