How to Connect InformaCast to Door Locks and Access Control System Software

Connecting InformaCast to Door Locks and Access Control Systems
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Integrating with Door Locks

When it comes to safety, being able to control building access is critical. The ability to lockdown and block traffic can prevent intruders and active shooters from reaching the people they want to harm. As with any safety solution, speed and reach are of the utmost importance, so if locking doors/denying access is a manual process, or is one of many systems that need to be accessed during an emergency situation, the effectiveness can vary.

We’re often asked if our InformaCast emergency notification software can tie into door locks and access control system software’s (DACs), and the short answer is yes, it can. At Singlewire, we strive for InformaCast to serve as a central hub for safety needs, so when a message needs to be sent or action needs to be taken, users only need to press a button to deliver critical information and trigger systems initiating a multifaceted alert sequence. In this blog post, we’ll break down the different methods InformaCast uses to connect with door locks and access control system software.

Tying Everything Together

For InformaCast to work with door access controls, the DACs must have the capability to lock and unlock the proper doors and/or activate/deactivate the proper fobs. The most prevalent method used to trigger DAC is via a pair of dry contacts. InformaCast uses a standards-based interface, providing a simple low-voltage trigger. The DACs have the intelligence programmed within the system to recognize this trigger and take action. Note that Singlewire does not develop or test integrated solutions with door access manufacturers. InformaCast instead, sends a trigger, and intelligence inside of the door access control system takes care of the rest. This solution requires a low-voltage network converter box from Perle or Barix to function properly.

In this instance, InformaCast sends a signal to the DACs as part of a recipient/device group for a message. Should an organization need to send a lockdown message, the door access control system software can also be included with other devices the message is being sent to. This will trigger the door locks removing the need to utilize other systems/procedures.

This ability also makes it possible for InformaCast to receive inbound triggers. When a system is activated, such as a fire alarm, a preprogrammed InformaCast alert can be sent to a specific recipient group. This functionality has also been implemented by customers using it to receive alerts when eye-wash stations are put to use and to monitor ammonia levels. This increases the flexibility of InformaCast so it can be adapted and put to use in a wide range of environments.

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