911 CallAware Listening Now Available for InformaCast Fusion


Listen to Ongoing 911 Calls

When an emergency occurs, it can be challenging for people in charge of managing a situation to understand the context around the event taking place. Receiving an alert when an emergency number, like 911, is dialed is helpful, but knowing what occurred that caused someone to dial that number can provide even more insight for an effective response. That’s why Singlewire Software has added in-progress call listening for its CallAware feature in InformaCast Fusion. This is just one of several new features and enhancements available with the latest update to InformaCast Fusion.

In this blog post, we’ll outline the new mass notification features available for InformaCast Fusion in our latest software update.

Mass Notification Enhancements and Features

New features for InformaCast Fusion released in this update include:

  • Listen to in-progress CallAware calls: Listen to recorded CallAware-monitored calls while calls are still in progress. Previously, audio was only available for download once the call was completed. Now, on the Call History Details page, clicking the Play icon allows users to hear the audio of a CallAware-monitored call up to the current point in time.
  • New proportional sizes for Desktop Notifier windows: The size of the notification window, denoted by the small, medium, and large radio buttons on the Desktop/IP Phone Display tab of the Notification Profile Details page, has been updated to be proportional to the screen's orientation, i.e. portrait or landscape. This improvement makes notifications more aesthetically pleasing and ensures a better fit within the total visible screen.
  • Notification history redesign: Mobile notification channels have received a visual upgrade to make it easier to review notification history for email, calling, SMS and push notifications.
  • Update to notification New Domains architecture for message templates, notification profiles, and notifications. Message templates, notification profiles, and notifications are the latest InformaCast Mobile/Fusion resources that can now be added to a domain (or have a domain added to them). Domains allow you to view resources through a hierarchical architecture, and grant permissions to those resources at each level. With domains, you can grant more autonomy to users within your organization who run departments or other groups while safeguarding your ability to communicate with the entire company.

Full release notes are available in the InformaCast Fusion User Guide. For more information contact our team to learn how CallAware call listening can help your organization stay informed during emergencies.




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