4 Active Shooter Resources to Help Improve Safety and Communication


Active Shooter Resources

It’s no small task to prepare your organization for an active shooter. It requires planning, consultation, training, and investment in new resources to ensure that you can protect your people should a tragedy occur. If you’re in charge of your organization’s active shooter plan, it can be overwhelming just trying to understand where to begin.

An effective plan relies on strong communication. Over the years, we’ve addressed the role mass notification systems can play in an organization’s active shooter plan. In this blog post, we’ve collected four resources your organization can use to help prepare for and manage active shooter situations with help from a mass notification system.


One of the most critical components of an active shooter plan is training. There are multiple services organizations can pay to utilize to assist with training and developing their plan. The Department of Homeland Security offers free resources for its Run. Hide. Fight—program on its website. We have also compared this strategy to the one offered by ALICE in a previous blog post. Either is a good starting point for understanding what your organization needs to prepare for and what steps you need to take next to create a concrete plan that keeps people safe.


Our friends at Neckerman Insurance Services put together a whitepaper outlining best practices businesses should take to prepare for an active shooter scenario, including developing an emergency action plan (EAP). Keeping in mind that people are any organization’s most valuable resource, the whitepaper focuses on why organization leaders need to have a plan in place to keep their employees safe when an emergency unfolds. This whitepaper is a useful tool for organizations looking for a starting point, from designating roles and responsibilities to situation management guidelines.

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Security Management hosted a webinar with Pat Scheckel, VP of Product Management and Marketing at Singlewire Software, and Jedd Bradley, owner of Mighty Oak Active Shooter Solutions, LLC, about practical guidance for active shooter situations. The webinar outlines practical guidelines organizations can utilize to help prepare for active shooter incidents. From the devices that can be used to share alerts, to setting up channels for collaboration to actively respond to situations as they unfold, viewers will gain the knowledge and best practices they need to create a plan that keeps their people safe and informed.

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To highlight just how powerful a mass notification system can be during an active shooter situation, we put together a video highlighting how quickly notifications can be triggered. During an active shooter event, time is over the essence. You can’t afford for people to waste time getting in front of their computer and logging into the right system to launch a message. With a mass notification system, your people can activate alerts when they see an incident occur and then get themselves to a more secure location.

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Keep in mind that these are preliminary resources for creating an active shooter plan. Creating a comprehensive and effective active shooter strategy requires education, implementing the right tools and drills to ensure successful outcomes. Visit our active shooter page to better understand the role mass notifications can play in alerting people about dangerous situations.




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