How InformaCast Addresses Common Campus Safety Concerns


Addressing Campus Safety

According to a report from Campus Safety Magazine, a recent survey of campus safety professionals from higher education, K-12 and healthcare showed an increased demand for new or upgraded emergency notification systems. More than half of the respondents to the survey said they planned on developing or deploying a new or upgraded solution. The survey covered a number of topics, one of which was the most common situations these professionals are trying to manage with help from a mass notification system.

The list of threats campuses need to prepare for seems to grow longer by the minute, so it’s important to have solutions in place that help prepare for emergencies, share safety information and manage potential disasters. Singlewire Software and our InformaCast mass notification software are deployed in campuses across the country and around the world to help organizations with a variety of emergency situations. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how InformaCast addresses the most common scenarios campus safety professionals are concerned about.

Weather/Natural Disasters

It’s not surprising that weather events and natural disasters are top of mind for campus security professionals. These events can be unpredictable, and no part of the country is immune to being impacted by them. Tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes, extreme heat and cold, and other events can disrupt schedules, cause closings and inflict physical damage on buildings and people.

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InformaCast offers inbound and outbound CAP alerts that campuses can use to monitor for severe weather. When the National Weather Service issues a severe weather alert for a defined area, campuses can configure InformaCast to trigger an alert. Depending on the type of event this can be broadcast throughout an entire campus or just to key safety personnel. Messages can also be configured to include safety instructions telling recipients to seek shelter or evacuate.

In addition to severe weather solutions, InformaCast is also expanding functionality to support natural disaster alerts. Our partnership with Early Warning Labs can trigger notifications in advance of potential earthquake shaking.

Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies can be difficult situations for campuses to manage. Understanding where the event is taking place, what kind of event someone is experiencing, and how to direct assistance will all factor into whether or not you can deliver an effective response.

With InformaCast, campuses have several options for helping campus safety professionals respond to medical emergencies. InformaCast CallAware triggers alerts when 911 or another emergency number is called from a campus phone. The alert can include the name of the phone that placed the call to help security teams locate where the call came from. The call can also be recorded to provide context for responders and be referenced after the event has ended. InformaCast also offers its Command Center feature to configure emergency icons for common scenarios, like medical emergencies. When someone clicks the icon they will be prompted with preconfigured questions that can include additional details such as location and the type of medical emergency taking place.

Power/Internet Outages

On large campuses, power and network outages can be a big problem. When systems and power go down, it makes it that much more difficult to share information. With a communication solution that lives in the cloud though, you can continue to provide updates to your campus population.

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InformaCast has cloud offerings to deliver SMS text messages, push notifications and emails to mobile devices that don’t need to rely on power or network availability. This can help ease anxieties, provide information about the situation taking place, as well as when people can expect services to get back up and running.

Crimes On and Near Campus

Crime on and near campuses can impact student, faculty, staff and visitor wellbeing. It’s important to be able to quickly alert a campus about potential criminal activity and to have a good working relationship with local law enforcement to help facilitate a smooth response.

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InformaCast offers a number of tools to help campuses accomplish this. Integration with blue light poles and police radios can help alert security personnel quickly and bring in law enforcement if need be. Mass SMS text messaging and email notifications can help you quickly hit your entire population if they need to be on the lookout for suspicious activity or take extra precautions.

Rumor Management

When emergency events occur, it is not uncommon for rumors to spreads throughout a campus. Rumors often happen due to a lack of information and a general sense of uncertainty about what has happened and what people should do. With tools like social media prevalent throughout most campuses, the risk of misinformation spreading only increases.

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However, using InformaCast on campus can help establish an authoritative source of information that people can rely on for information updates. Campuses can get ahead of misinformation by quickly distributing emergency notifications and providing regular follow-ups until the situation has resolved.

These are only a handful of concerns campuses face, and it only scratches the surface of the full range of capabilities available with InformaCast. Explore all available features on the InformaCast Fusion page.




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