Cyber Attacks Impact Downtime, IoT and Control Systems According to New Data


Understanding the Impact of Cyber Attacks

Cybersecurity threats can have serious impacts on organizations regardless of industry, and new data highlighted by CSO shows why these disruptions can be dangerous and costly. With 2018 coming to a close, now is as good a time as ever to understand where your cybersecurity vulnerabilities lie, and what you can do to make sure everything keeps running smoothly in the event of an attack. Key data in CSO’s report includes:

  • During a cyber attack, one of the most costly components is idleness. The average cost of a single attack is $5 million, with $1.25 million attributable to system downtime, and another $1.5 million to IT and end-user productivity loss.
  • In 2017, 54 percent of companies surveyed experienced an industrial control system security incident within the past twelve months—and 16 percent had experienced three or more.
  • 64 percent of surveyed organizations have deployed IoT devices, and another 20 percent plan to do so within the next year. Only 28 percent of those organizations consider their IoT security strategy to be "very important," and more than a third think it's only somewhat important, or not important at all. That’s in addition to 61 percent of those surveyed having already experienced an IoT security incident.

This illustrates how damaging a cybersecurity attack can be to an organization, and that it’s not just software that can be susceptible to an attack. The costly downtime can often be due to an inability to communicate effectively, but with the right solutions, organizations can develop a workaround that can keep people informed and help minimize downtime. In this blog post, we’ll outline how organizations can use cloud-based mass notification solutions like InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast to help get operations back up and running following a cyber attack.

Using Mass Notification Systems

A communication system that operates in the cloud offers organizations several benefits when experiencing a cybersecurity attack. First and foremost, it offers organizations a way to reach their people outside of devices and methods that may have been compromised or shut down due to the attack. Since these tools would be hosted remotely, they would be safe to use to help inform people about the current situation.

InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Fusion are cloud-based solutions from Singlewire Software that let people know when a crisis occurs. With the ability to reach people via a variety of communication methods (SMS texts, push notifications, e-mail and phone calls from the cloud to cell phones), organization leaders can provide regular updates on a cybersecurity attack from secure tools.

InformaCast also offers instant collaboration tools the help organizations manage emergency situations like cybersecurity attacks. As the data shows, when those type of situations occur, every minute matters to avoid costly downtime. Staging an immediate conference call or using a cloud-based collaboration tool like Cisco Webex Teams can bring your team together to better manage the situation. This helps maintain business continuity by having the means to develop and execute a plan, provide instructions, and prevent overlong idle times among employees while the situation is being resolved.

With the right tools and proper preparations, organizations can avoid the headaches and costs associated with cyber attacks and get their operations back up and running.




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