InformaCast Introduces Updates to Desktop Notifier and Desk Phone Text Displays


Customize for Every Scenario

Singlewire Software has released an update for InformaCast Fusion that enhances the capabilities of notifications sent to Cisco IP phones and makes it easier to manage InformaCast Desktop Notifier.

Emergency notifications sent to Cisco IP phones can now display text with customizable background and text foreground color. This can help differentiate alerts so the people that receive the message can easily identify what kind of scenario is taking place.


Simplified Message Management

We designed InformaCast Fusion to be a single interface for users to manage all of their notification needs. We’re continuing to deliver on that promise with the incorporation of InformaCast Desktop Notifier into the Fusion interface. This allows users to control the size of the alert on the desktop, the background color, the font size, and its motion, providing the same controls as the old configuration file while improving their usability.


This update also includes the features of our high availability release. You can read more about high availability and how it can help ensure critical InformaCast messages are always broadcast in this blog post.




InformaCast Online Demo