Prepare for Earthquakes During the Great ShakeOut Oct. 19


Keep Your People Safe

On Oct. 19, organizations in earthquake-prone areas around the world will participate in the Great ShakeOut, an annual earthquake preparedness drill. Earthquakes can strike at anytime, often without warning, so it’s important for organizations to prepare their people for the actions they need to take to stay safe.

This worldwide events offers numerous resources to help organizations plan for and carry out the drill. Manuals and planning documents are readily available on the official website, as well as details about why organizations should participate.

Visit the Great ShakeOut Website

Leveraging Mass Notification for Earthquakes

One tool that can help spread the word for drills, or in the event an earthquake strikes, is an emergency mass notification system. Groups in California use InformaCast emergency notification software to help spread the word quickly during the Great ShakeOut. Leveraging a mass notification system for drills helps build confidence that everything will work how it is supposed to when it matters most. Build messages ahead of time so information and instructions can be sent with the push of a button. This saves time and minimizes confusion to ensure a successful test. Groups can use these systems to let people know the drill is underway, offer helpful instructions about what to do during the drill, and give an “all clear” when the drill has ended.

If your organization does find success conducting this earthquake drill, consider using an emergency notification system to test for other events, such as severe weather and lockdowns.

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