NEWS: Singlewire Software Announces Partnership with Fire Door Armor


Defend Against Active Shooters

Singlewire Software, a leading emergency mass notification service provider, and Fire Door Armor, an active shooter barricade solution, are partnering to provide organizations with safety solutions to defend against active shooters. Fire Door Armor has created a door barricade that keeps intruders out and sends an InformaCast mass notification when activated.

Singlewire Software develops InformaCast emergency notification software that is used in K12 schools, higher education facilities, manufacturing, businesses, healthcare and more. It sends messages to on-premises and mobile devices to keep people safe and informed. Singlewire has worked with Fire Door Armor to develop a means to trigger messages when the Door Armor barricade is deployed.

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New Ways to Protect and Inform

“Safety has always been behind everything we do at Singlewire Software,” said Pat Scheckel, executive vice president of product management and marketing for Singlewire Software. “Our partnership with Fire Door Armor will give our customers new ways to protect and inform their people about serious threats.”

“At Fire Door Armor, we’re focused on delivering a simple, effective tool that can keep people safer,” said Donnie Thomas, President of Fire Door Armor. “By partnering with Singlewire, we’re able to combine the power of physical and virtual safety tools into one powerful solution.”

The solution is available now for purchase through Fire Door Armor, with the first customer implementations scheduled for July 2018. To learn more about Fire Door Armor and its barricade tool, visit

About Fire Door Armor by Fire Door Solutions

Fire Door Armor™(patent pending), a complete active shooter Intelligent, Breachable Barricade Solution. Fire Door Armor was created to provide Instant-upon-Actuation™ immediate mass notification, and to provide secure-in-place safety for those caught in an active shooter emergency, and peace of mind for loved ones. 



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