InformaCast Mobile Mass Notification Free Trial Now Available


Mass Notification Free Trial

It is more evident than ever that without solid communication tools, organizations can be putting their people and operations at unnecessary risk. Organizations need simple, easy-to-use solutions that can be set up and configured quickly to help meet any challenge that may arise so they can keep people safe and informed. That’s why Singlewire Software is now offering a free trial of its InformaCast Mobile mass notification solution.

Mobile notifications offer a quick and easy way to reach people directly wherever they are with critical information. SMS text messages, push notifications to a mobile app and emails can all be used to share updates and check in the wellbeing of people during a crisis. In this blog post, we’ll provide details about how your organization can benefit from adding a mobile mass notification solution and what’s included in the free trial.

Sign Up for a Free Trial

Organizations that sign up for a free trial of InformaCast Mobile will be able to test the solution for 15 days with up to 100 users. InformaCast Mobile’s intuitive user interface and simple configuration steps mean your organization can be sending its first notification within an hour of being approved for a free trial. Once your free trial is activated, you’ll be able to craft and send notifications that reach the right people with the right message within an hour. InformaCast Mobile can be used for a variety of uses cases including pandemic response, active shooter, and severe weather. The InformaCast Mobile app allows you to trigger notifications from anywhere, and you’ll also be able to set up InformaCast Command Center to easily build notifications for common emergency scenarios.

Once you have completed your free trial, you can speak with a member of our team to convert to one of our subscription models. This can be done in a matter of minutes without losing any of the information you put into the system or message templates you’ve built. It also gives you the opportunity to expand the number of users and gain full access to our support team and resources to help get the most out of your system.


Expanding to a More Powerful Alerting Solution

Organizations that sign up for the free trial with also have the opportunity to upgrade to InformaCast Fusion once the free trial has ended. InformaCast Fusion expands on the capabilities of InformaCast Mobile to add on-premises alerting functionality to the system. This means your organization can have more complete reach by triggering notifications from a single system that reach all of your people on their mobile devices as well as all of the devices in your facilities, like IP phones, IP speakers, desktop computers, and digital signage with the same safety message. This makes it much more likely people see an alert in a timely manner and take action quickly to get out of harm’s way.

InformaCast Fusion offers an easy migration path from InformaCast Mobile, so you can still use the message templates, groups, and user information you’ve already configured while adding new devices and users to create a complete mass notification ecosystem. Sign up for your free trial today to prepare for any crisis and quickly get information into the hands of the people that need it most.




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