InformaCast Fusion Update Includes Door Barricade Integration


Adding Critical Features

InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Fusion now include updated features to expand their emergency notification capabilities. We’re constantly innovating to enhance our offerings and provide customers with useful additions to InformaCast. Putting people’s safety first is always top of mind, but organizations can only accomplish this goal with the right tools. With InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Fusion 3.8.0, we’re providing more emergency notification options.

This update includes new features for our Fire Door Armor partnership, dial-to-intercom functionality, and cloud control and time zones added to bell schedules. Read below for more details on these and additional features now available with InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Fusion 3.8.0.

Emergency Notification Updates

  • Trigger a Notification When a Door Barricade Locks. Fire Door Armor is a Complete Active Shooter Barricade Solution™ that pairs a strong and durable WiFi-enabled door barricade with InformaCast Fusion’s fast, reliable, and accurate notification capabilities. The Fire Door Armor door barricade has two sturdy plates that bolt to the door (from both sides) and the floor. When a door barricade’s latch is locked, its attached dead man’s switch is tripped and sends an HTTP POST request to InformaCast Fusion. InformaCast Fusion sees the request and sends the notification tied to that door barricade’s building to the specified recipients. All InformaCast Fusion endpoint types are supported, including IP phones, IP speakers, mobile phones, email addresses, and more. In the case of an Internet outage, on-premises devices will still receive notifications.
  • Dial-to-Intercom Functionality. Dial-to-intercom calls allow users to dial another person’s extension and be immediately connected with full-duplex intercom functionality and no action required for the receiving phone. Dial-to-intercom calls are particularly useful when the called party would find it inconvenient to answer a phone or if the party is physically unable to do so. For example, a school’s office calls into a classroom and wants the teacher to respond without requiring an action.
  • Cloud Control Over Bell Schedules. Previously, bell schedules were maintained by an on-premises server (or each on-premises server in a distributed activation environment). The InformaCast Fusion cloud now controls bell schedules. When adding new, or making changes to existing ring lists and bell schedules, that information is saved to the cloud and synced down to the on-premises server(s). How bell schedules are delivered depends on your type of endpoint: mobile recipients of bell schedules, e.g. Android/iOS phones, email devices, phone call devices, etc., will receive ringtones from the cloud, while on-premises recipients, e.g. IP phones, IP speakers, InformaCast Desktop Notifier instances, etc., will receive ringtones from their assigned on-premises server. The cloud will then merge the activities from the on-premises server(s) and itself into a single bell schedule event. If the WAN is ever broken between the on-premises server and the cloud, the on-premises server will still handle bell schedules as normal. When the connection returns, the cloud will reconcile and merge the bell schedule events.
  • New Time Zones for Bell Schedules. Bell schedules can now have assigned time zones. Ideally, this would be the time zone in which the recipients included in a ring lists' device groups/distribution lists reside. If recipients reside in multiple time zones, the time at which the ring lists play will be offset, e.g. 8:00 a.m. in the America/Chicago timezone means devices in that time zone will ring at 8:00 a.m., but devices in Eastern Standard Time will ring at 9:00 a.m. If users are upgrading from a previous version of InformaCast Fusion, the time zone assigned to any existing bell schedules defaults to the time zone assigned to the on-premises server.

For more information about the updates included 3.8.0, check out the full release notes on the Singlewire Support Community.



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