The Benefits of Upgrading to InformaCast Fusion for Mass Notification


What is InformaCast Fusion?

In spring 2017, Singlewire Software released InformaCast Fusion to meet the evolving needs of our customers. The everyday threats organizations face have continued to change, and we wanted to offer a mass notification solution that met those needs. Fusion was a way to take all of what we had learned developing InformaCast Advanced and InformaCast Mobile and combine it into a powerful tool that offered users the best chance of reaching all of their people with critical safety information during an emergency.

InformaCast Fusion is our cloud-based mass notification software that allows users to reach on-premises and mobile devices from a single interface. Over the past two years, we’ve seen customers old and new eager to adopt this offering, but many people are still unaware of the advantages of upgrading to InformaCast Fusion for their mass notification needs. When every second counts, you need a tool that will offer the best speed and reach for your emergency messages. That’s what we believe we’ve created with InformaCast Fusion, and in this blog post, we’ll outline the advantages of upgrading to this solution to keep your people safe and informed.

Enhanced Mass Notification Capabilities

InformaCast Fusion’s biggest advantage over other mass notification offerings is its ability to reach on-premises and mobile devices from a single system. Many competitive offerings offer only one or the other, which doesn’t provide the speed or reach organizations need to ensure everyone receives a message in a timely manner.

Many customers now running InformaCast Fusion grew tired of the hassle involved in managing disparate systems. They had one system for notifying people on mobile phones, another for desktop alerting, and still others for reaching overhead speaker systems and IP phones. Sending one alert to all of these systems requires significantly more time and effort in a stressful situation like an active shooter event or a severe weather emergency. Even more difficult is managing the ongoing scenario when trying to understand the message confirmation responses being returned from these siloed systems. From an incident management perspective, InformaCast Fusion brings this all together in one place. For safety teams collaborating during an emergency, they can comfortably use the collaboration tools they use every day, such as Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex Teams.

That means you can leverage all your existing devices and systems to help communicate during a crisis. This includes mobile phones, desk phones, IP speakers, overhead paging, digital signage, panic buttons, desktop computers, door access control, and more. Each component can be used to trigger and receive messages in a variety of formats. By utilizing visual imagery, flashing lights, intrusive live and recorded audio, text, email and push notifications, you’re leveraging every possible channel and method to reach your people with information that can keep them out of harm’s way. Fusion offers 360-degree coverage that other offerings simply can’t provide, giving you a tool that offers enhanced mass notification capabilities.

Create your mass notification ecosystem

Simple Administration

With everything tied into InformaCast Fusion, you’ll be able to take advantage of a simplified administration process. You’ll be able to manage devices, users, and messages all from a single interface, and with everything synced to the cloud, those updates will be available anywhere. You can easily edit, add and remove users, create groups, and draft message templates for different emergency scenarios.

You can also see analytics on all of your notifications. This will help you determine what language is most effective, what people and areas aren’t receiving notifications, and if certain delivery methods are more effective than others. InformaCast Fusion puts the power in your hands to create the most successful emergency notification tool possible to reach all of your people. You’ll be able to adjust permissions for who can activate alerts for certain scenarios and get as granular as determining whether or not someone can activate an alert from their mobile device.

Learn about Reporting Options in InformaCast Fusion

Easy Updates

InformaCast Fusion is powered by a unique hybrid cloud architecture. Updates to the cloud service are automatic, with new features added every six weeks. For the InformaCast Fusion virtual appliance, which sits inside the customer network, only two mouse-clicks are required to perform the upgrade. InformaCast Advanced requires more manual action from the end-user, which is why some customers may not be running the latest version. This often leads to missing out on important bug fixes and new features that can help with safety and communication. With InformaCast Fusion, you don’t need to worry about that. You’ll always be running the latest version and have access to the most recent features so you can continue to expand and reinforce your mass notification strategy.

Understand the importance of keeping software up to date

Outstanding Value

If you look on our pricing page, you’ll likely notice that InformaCast Fusion is the most expensive service level we offer, but we believe InformaCast Fusion represents one of the best values in the mass notification market.

Many mass notification systems focus on delivering mass-SMS text messages, and because this is all they do, they seem like a cost-effective solution. However, if you find your organization has notification needs that extend beyond SMS text messages, you may find yourself investing in a second system. And maybe that second system isn’t able to connect with the technology you already have in place. Your costs are starting to mount from what was supposed to be an inexpensive tool, and that doesn’t even take into account the time and energy your investing to maintain multiple systems.

The limitations of mobile-only alerts

InformaCast Fusion, with its wide range of capabilities and integrations, will most likely save you money in the long run. Fusion is able to leverage your existing technology like overhead paging systems, desk phones, digital signage, desktop computers and more to minimize the need to purchase additional hardware and provide enhanced ROI on those tools. It’s an all in one system that doesn’t require pricey add-ons or supplemental systems to work. It brings together everything that’s already working to make it work even more efficiently.

Forward-Thinking Product Development

The final reason to upgrade to Fusion? New features. Beyond the ability to reach mobile and on-premises devices from a single system, InformaCast Fusion is where the bulk of our new product updates will live moving forward. You can already see evidence of that in the two years since it has been released. Fusion features not available with InformaCast Advanced include Microsoft Teams integration, desk phone broadcasting to reach non-Cisco IP phones, InformaCast Command Center, high availability and survivable remote site notification, pre-built message templates, new inbound and outbound notification triggers, and more.

We built InformaCast with the goal of keeping people safe and informed, everywhere, every time. We believe the only way to truly do this is by offering a solution that reaches all devices and people, on-premises and mobile. InformaCast Fusion gives users the most capabilities to reach the most people during a crisis to help keep all their people out of harm’s way.

If you’re interested in upgrading to InformaCast Fusion, see it in action for yourself on our demo page or contact your territory manager for more information. If you’re already an Advanced customer, you can also read this blog post about what’s involved when migrating from Advanced to Fusion.




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