InformaCast on Windows and Cloud User Loader Now Available


New Cloud Offerings

The future is in the cloud, and at Singlewire Software we are working to respond to the needs of our customers to provide cloud-based solutions. Our hybrid cloud mass notification platform, InformaCast Fusion, provided a strong foundation to grow our cloud offering, and in our latest software release, we are offering two new cloud-based features: InformaCast on Windows and the cloud user loader. In this blog post, we’ll cover these new features as well as other additions to InformaCast Fusion that are now available.

InformaCast on Windows

Desktop notifications continue to be a crucial component for many organizations' daily and emergency notification strategies. InformaCast on Windows offers organizations a new way to send desktop alerts with critical information. Windows devices, including desktops, tablets, and more, can now receive InformaCast Fusion notifications. The InformaCast app, installed on a Windows device acts as a conduit between InformaCast Fusion and an organization’s Windows devices. Notifications are pushed to the device through Windows Push Notification Services (WNS) acting similarly to the InformaCast app on mobile devices. Windows devices can also be included in areas of interest either through Windows' discovery of their locations through its Location Services or through an assigned location. At this time, InformaCast on Windows is not included with InformaCast Fusion by default; it must be explicitly included during the provisioning process. Contact the Singlewire team for more details.

Cloud User Loader

The InformaCast user loader tool has allowed organizations to perform bulk uploads of user data into their mass notification system for easy administration. The new cloud user loader allows organizations to upload users' information through a connection to an identity manager, such as Windows Azure Active Directory. Using the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) and a token, InformaCast Fusion and the identity manager stay in sync, with InformaCast Fusion updating its user information whenever changes are made in the identity manager. This will make the system easier to manage and require less personal interaction.

Other Additions

This release of InformaCast Fusion also includes:

  • View Users’ InformaCast Fusion Origins. The List pages for individual users, anonymous users, and applications now list the resource’s source, i.e. the manner in which it was added to InformaCast Fusion. Sources include: Cloud User Loader, Local User Loader, Self Registered, and Manually Added. However, anonymous users and applications can only be manually added, and that is the only value you will see on their List pages.
  • Add Uploaded Groups to Distribution Lists and Security Groups. When users are brought into InformaCast Fusion through a cloud user loader, they may be part of a group that is also synced with an identity manager. It is possible to add these uploaded groups (and the users within them) to distribution lists and security groups through a new tab: User Loader Groups, on both the Security Group and Distribution List Details pages.
  • New Integrations Menu Selection. A new left navigational menu selection, Integrations, has been added to house the connection status of both Microsoft Teams and Zoom. When you go to Admin | Integrations | Microsoft Teams, you can view the health of the connection between InformaCast Fusion and Microsoft Teams as well as the users they have in common, i.e. those that are assigned Microsoft Teams devices (this functionality was previously under Admin | Settings). Going to Admin | Integrations | Zoom allows you to establish a connection between InformaCast Fusion and Zoom and view the health of that connection.

If you’ve missed previous releases, be sure to check out our new InformaCast integration with Zoom Phones.




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