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You’ve done the research. You understand what you need to keep the people in your organization safe. Now you need to know how much it’s going to cost you. In the past, we’ve avoided putting pricing for our InformaCast emergency notification system on our website, because, like many other vendors, the pricing is going to fluctuate due to a variety of different factors. We’ve always preferred speaking with potential customers to understand their needs and give them the best idea of what implementing InformaCast would cost.

While that is still the case, we understand that today’s consumers like to have as much information as possible before making a purchasing decision. We’ve put together this pricing guide to provide an estimate of how much customers can expect to pay for our various InformaCast Service Levels.

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Our InformaCast emergency notification software is available in four service levels, and it’s important to know what each one can do before discussing how much each cost. InformaCast Basic is a free solution included with Cisco Unified Communications Manager which allows organizations with Cisco IP phones to send a live-audio page to up to 50 phones at once. InformaCast Advanced sends alert to on-premises devices. InformaCast Mobile sends alerts to mobile devices, and InformaCast Fusion combines the capabilities of InformaCast Advanced and InformaCast Mobile to send notifications to all on-premises and mobile devices from a single interface.

The different functionalities of each service level result in different pricing options. InformaCast Advanced is sold as an annual subscription based on the number of endpoints an organization is trying to reach. Pricing starts around $10.25 per endpoint for a pack of 250 endpoints and can go as low as $6.60 per endpoint for a pack of 5,000 endpoints. InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Fusion subscriptions are sold by the number of users. Each user can have multiple phones numbers and email addresses associated with them to leverage various communication methods. InformaCast Mobile pricing starts at around $5.25 per user for a pack of 250 users and can go down to $1.85 per user for 5,000 users. InformaCast Fusion starts around $11.50 per user and can be as little as $7.15 per user for 5,000.

While InformaCast Fusion is more expensive than InformaCast Mobile, remember that it dramatically increases the reach of emergency notifications by sending to on-premises and mobile devices. It also operates in a single interface, increasing the speed at which alerts are sent and making those alerts easier to administer.

We’ve covered the low and high end of the pricing spectrum here, but view our InformaCast Pricing page for more examples.

How InformaCast Compares

Now that you know how much InformaCast costs, you’re probably interested in how we stack up against the competition. While we can’t provide specific details on the pricing of other emergency notification vendors, we can provide some guidance on what to look for when comparing two notification solutions.

Let’s start by identifying where InformaCast is more expensive than other solutions. If you’re a municipality or county trying to notify its citizens via bulk SMS text messaging, InformaCast will typically be more expensive. That’s because InformaCast was architected to reach individuals within an organization via many different methods, whereas bulk SMS text messaging for large quantities of users is a commodity service. However, in many cases, mobile alerts don’t achieve the desired reach for emergency messages.

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InformaCast costs less when you compare it to the total cost of an emergency mass notification system. Most emergency mass notification vendors are focused solely on notifications to mobile phones, and initially, this may seem like the best value. But these systems need to add one or more on-premises alerting systems to extend their reach, driving up the total cost and decreasing the usability. InformaCast Fusion reaches people on mobile devices, as well as in-building devices already in place, such as desk phones, overhead paging systems, IP speakers, digital signage and computer desktops to provide added value to your existing technology investment. Studies have shown that using these multiple communication channels is critical to improving the speed and reach of the emergency messages, and speed and reach is what makes an emergency notification system effective.

If you’re interested in a quote for any of the service levels of InformaCast, please contact our sales team, or visit our pricing page for more details.




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