ISC West 2018 Offers Latest Security Solutions to Enhance Safety


Prepare for the Show

Singlewire Software will have a booth at ISC West in Las Vegas, 2018, April 11-13. At ISC West, over 30,000 security professionals will network together to share new products and technologies encompassing everything from access control to unmanned vehicles from over 1,000 exhibitors and brands. Check out the conference overview to get a full scope of what the event has in store.

Singlewire will be at booth 13134. Find us and see what other companies will be there by taking a look at the full exhibitor list.

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Understand the Need

Before coming to ISC West, be sure to read up on topics related to safety and mass communication. The Singlewire Software blog has recently addressed several trending issues in the security industry, including:

These resources will give attendees the knowledge they need to find the best solutions for their organizations to help keep people safe.

Discover New Solutions

At ISC West, Singlewire will be demonstrating the latest features available for its InformaCast emergency notification system, including:

  • InformaCast Fusion Server Appliance – Place InformaCast Fusion servers on a wide-area network at locations that don't have virtual computing resources. The software version of the InformaCast Fusion server requires the customer to provide virtual computing resources - which can be a problem at remote sites such as schools, remote campuses, clinics, and more. The server appliance eliminates this challenge by bringing the server on-site.
  • Desktop Notifier Update – Control InformaCast Desktop Notifier from the InformaCast Fusion web interface. Adjust the size of the alert on the desktop, the background color, the font size, and its motion, providing the same controls like the old configuration file while improving overall usability.
  • Cisco IP Phone Display Enhancements – Emergency notifications sent to Cisco IP phones can now display text with customizable background and text foreground color. This can help differentiate alerts so the people that receive the message can quickly identify what kind of scenario is taking place.
  • Survivable Remote Site Notification (SRSN) – Ensure high availability for InformaCast Fusion with an InformaCast Fusion server (software or hardware appliance) at a site. Notifications, including live, ad hoc, and pre-recorded audio, as well as DialCast, bell schedules, and more, will continue to operate if the wide-area network connection is interrupted.

Download our buyer’s guide to learn how you can implement InformaCast with your organization. In our guide, you will see frequently asked questions and insights to help determine the best solution for your needs.

You can also check out how InformaCast compares to other emergency notification systems.

About ISC West

The International Security Conference - also known as ISC West - is the largest security industry trade show in the US. At the event, thousands of manufacturers, dealers/installers, system integrators, and end-users of security from around the world to source, learn, network, and connect with the security industry. The event covers Access Control, Alarms, & Monitoring, Biometrics, IP Security, Video Surveillance/CCTV, Networked Security Products, and more. For more information visit,




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