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Enhance Safety at Microsoft Ignite

As part of our ongoing partnership with Microsoft, Singlewire Software will be attending Microsoft Ignite, a premier event for Microsoft team members, partners, users, and advocates. Singlewire Software will be in Orlando, Nov. 4–8 at booth 2528 showcasing how Microsoft Teams users can add value by integrating InformaCast Fusion. Come talk with us during the event about how you can use Microsoft Teams for safety and alerting by adding our mass notification solution.

In this blog post, we’ll cover why you should consider combining InformaCast and Microsoft Teams and what steps you can take to ensure a successful integration.

The Benefits of Adding InformaCast Fusion To Microsoft Teams

With InformaCast Fusion tied to Microsoft Teams, Teams users can activate and receive InformaCast mass notifications from within the Teams interface. This helps organizations that leverage Teams for daily communication reach people in an application where they are likely to see a message and can speed up the time it takes to activate an alert.

The Microsoft Teams integration is dependent on InformaCast Command Center, a feature available with InformaCast Fusion. During an emergency, InformaCast mass notifications

can be activated from directly within the Teams’ interface using the InformaCast bot. When the bot is activated, it will respond with an adaptive card. The user can fill out the card with details that provide additional information about the situation taking place. This can include the location of the incident, a description of a medical emergency, or characteristics of an intruder. Once the card is completed, the bot will confirm the submission and send alerts through Microsoft Teams and the rest of your InformaCast ecosystem. This can include desk phones, mobile phones, IP speakers, digital signage, and other connected devices and systems.

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How to Add InformaCast Fusion to Microsoft Teams

If you’re already using Microsoft Teams or InformaCast Fusion (or are curious about how you can combine the two solutions) there are a few steps you need to take. You’ll first need to prepare your Microsoft Teams environment by creating a security team that can access and trigger InformaCast alerts. Then, create an InformaCast channel. This is where you will install the InformaCast bot to initiate alerts.

To install the bot, search InformaCast from the “Apps” icon. Then select the security team and channel you created. A notification will appear in the chat which will ask you to connect to InformaCast. Selecting this will launch InformaCast Fusion where you should see a successful connection.

This is a short summary of the integration process, for more details, please read our full blog post on this subject. We look forward to seeing you at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando to learn more about how combining these two solutions can help your organization enhance safety and communication.

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