Deliver Notifications to a Microsoft Teams Channel with Latest InformaCast Update


Reach Microsoft Teams Channels

With the release of InformaCast 12.21.2, InformaCast Fusion users can now send InformaCast mass notifications directly into a Microsoft Teams Channel. More than 115 million people are using Microsoft Teams daily to communicate within their organizations. This update expands on InformaCast Fusion’s ability to send notifications to individual Teams users by allowing Microsoft Teams Channels to be designated as notification recipients. This makes it more convenient for the sender to reach more people and target specific groups with messages that are most relevant to them. In this blog post, we’ll review the benefits of leveraging Microsoft Teams with InformaCast Fusion.

Send Alerts to the Right People

The large number of people and organizations using Microsoft Teams offers a unique opportunity to use the tools people are working in daily and leverage them for safety. Organizations need to achieve the speed and reach necessary to keep people safe in an emergency. One of the best ways to do that is communicating through as many channels as possible. InformaCast Fusion’s integration with Microsoft Teams extends its ecosystem to provide an additional endpoint for critical messages. This helps people see messages quickly and take action to get out of harm’s way.

The Benefits of Safety and Collaboration

Trigger Notifications Quickly

Of course, speed isn’t only about seeing a message quickly; it’s about triggering a message distribution the moment someone sees an incident occur. Creating easy-to-access triggers means people do not need to waste time getting to the correct device or logging into the right system to get the word out. Microsoft Teams users can use the InformaCast bot within Teams to type in a command that triggers a notification. Those notifications can be delivered to other Microsoft Teams users or Channels and other systems and devices connected via InformaCast, including IP phones, IP speakers, digital signage, mobile devices, and more. The less time people spend sending out a message; the more time can be spent managing a situation and providing assistance to those that need it.

Quick and Easy Notification

Effective Incident Management

Microsoft Teams and InformaCast can also assist with managing a crisis. Following a notification distribution, select stakeholders can receive an invitation to join a virtual collaboration channel in Microsoft Teams. This helps quickly gather the right people who can assess a situation and determine a response.

Learn more about managing emergencies with Microsoft Teams

When every second counts, anything your organization can do to reduce inefficiencies can mean the difference between safety and harm. For a full list of other updates to InformaCast Fusion, read the release notes.




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