Safety and Collaboration: Two Reasons to Add Mass Notification to Microsoft Teams


The Benefits of Adding Microsoft Teams

As reported by Business Insider, Microsoft Teams has upwards of 20 million daily active users. Microsoft Teams is a collaboration and project management tool available from Microsoft that comes with Office 365. While this tool can help with day-to-day tasks and communications, organizations also have an opportunity to use it to enhance safety.

In March of 2019, Singlewire Software launched a new integration that would allow Microsoft Teams users to connect with Singlewire’s InformaCast mass notification software. Microsoft Teams can serve as an endpoint recipient for InformaCast mass notifications, and Teams users can trigger InformaCast mass notifications from directly within Teams. It can also be used for incident management following a mass notification. This provides organizations with a quick and easy way to reach their people with critical safety information and manage emergencies. However, many organizations are not reaping the benefits these two tools offer when integrated. In this blog post, we’ll highlight why organizations should integrate a mass notification solution like InformaCast with Microsoft Teams to help enhance safety and collaboration.

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Enhance Safety

Organizations looking to deploy effective safety plans need to build a foundation based on strong communication. When an emergency occurs, organizations need to alert their members so they can stay out of harm’s way. Two of the biggest challenges organizations need to overcome are speed and reach. Speed is how fast an organization can send out a message, and reach is how likely it is that everyone receives the message that goes out. A mass notification system can help with both of these issues with easy to trigger notifications that reach a variety of endpoints. The more devices, systems, and formats that are used to deliver notifications, the less likely it is that someone misses a critical message.

To ensure people receive mass notifications they need to be delivered to the devices and programs recipients are frequently using. With 20 million people using Microsoft Teams daily, it has quickly become a channel organizations cannot afford to ignore when it comes to sending out emergency alerts.

InformaCast with Microsoft Teams Wins Security Award

Utilize Collaboration

Sending out alerts and making people aware of a situation is only half the battle though. Organizations also need to deploy a response to manage the situation that is taking place. Without the right tools in place it can be difficult to gather the people who can provide assistance. Connecting Microsoft Teams and InformaCast makes this process much easier.

When a mass notification is triggered, that notification can be configured to automatically launch a Microsoft Teams collaboration channel with a select group of stakeholders. This means security team members, first responders, or other key team members can begin assessing the severity of a situation and take steps to resolve it much more quickly.

If your organization is currently using Microsoft Teams or InformaCast, or is using both but has not yet integrated the two systems, be sure to visit our Microsoft Teams page or speak to your territory manager about how combining these two solutions can enhance safety and collaboration in your organization.




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