NEWS: InformaCast Mobile Adds Location-Based Emergency Notifications


Select GPS-based areas of interest and boundary triggers

Singlewire Software, a leading mass notification service provider, releases location-based emergency notifications for InformaCast Mobile. The mobile app and web interface will now offer users the ability to select areas of interest and establish notification perimeters for designated locations.

“InformaCast Mobile continues to provide users with the latest innovations for emergency notification,” said Tim Green, vice president of software development for Singlewire Software. “These new features provide our users with a greater ability to monitor and share critical information.”

InformaCast Mobile users can select up to three static addresses. If an alert is sent to an area of interest that encompasses one or more of those addresses, the user will receive the alert.

Boundary triggers send notifications to users who have entered or left a particular area. In addition, InformaCast Mobile can send messages to anyone using the app within that area.

Learn how to use these new features in your industry

“InformaCast users will be able to apply location-based notifications for a variety of purposes,” said Green. “From tracking deliveries, to being notified of approaching patients, and alerting people they enter or leave a defined area, location-based notifications help provide more information awareness, safety and security.”

These updates also include improved speed for message delivery and add to InformaCast’s wealth of notification features. Learn more about location-based notifications and InformaCast Mobile.




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