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Mobile Mass Notification

As operations return to normal amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, organizations need to adapt to changing schedules and expectations. This requires strong communication to minimize disruptions by keeping everyone within an organization informed. Without the right tools in place, issues can be prolonged because people are unsure about what to do. On top of that, many organizations are already restrained with the time and resources they have available to implement new tools. They need to be able to get up and running quickly and begin communicating as soon as possible to get their people the information they need.

InformaCast Mobile from Singlewire Software is a cost-effective mass notification tool that organizations can quickly and easily implement to begin sharing operational updates with their people to help keep them informed during turbulent times. In this blog post, we’ll outline how InformaCast Mobile works, and how organizations can begin using it to send mass notifications in multiple formats.

Send Messages in Multiple Formats

Fluctuating schedules and availability of facilities continue to impact organizations as they move to adapt and reopen. Without everyone at a central location, it can be difficult to share information. That’s why you need to get information to people where they are most likely to see it. Since many people are remote, prioritizing communications that reach people on their mobile devices can be the most effective way to share information.

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InformaCast Mobile can send text and audio messages as SMS text, push notifications to the InformaCast Mobile app, email, and phone calls. It is licensed by user, and each user includes up to 14 devices, with a maximum of five designated as Android or iOS, and up to three (per type) designated as SMS, phone call, and email. By utilizing multiple communication methods, recipients are more likely to see and take action with the information they have received.

Easy Set-Up

InformaCast Mobile offers two easy ways for organizations to enroll their people to receive mass notifications. The first is by using our user loader tool, which system administrators can use to schedule automated updates to their InformaCast directory.

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The other way is by having people self-enroll. Your organization can establish a number people can text to enroll to receive notifications on their mobile phones. When they text the number, they’ll be put into a group to receive alerts. Having everyone registered as a user with InformaCast makes it much easier to ensure that everyone will receive a message and provides more flexibility when creating groups to receive specific types of notifications.

Harnessing the Power of InformaCast Fusion

The needs of your organization will continue to evolve over time, and you may find that relying solely on mobile notifications is not adequate when trying to reach everyone. As you resume using your facilities, adding on-premises notification to your mobile alerts can expand the reach of your messages and ensure that no one misses an alert when it matters most.

InformaCast Mobile offers organizations the ability to future-proof their notification strategy by offering a simple way to also add on-premises notification. Selecting InformaCast Mobile now provides an easy path to upgrade to InformaCast Fusion in the future. InformaCast Fusion uses a single interface to allow organizations to manage and send alerts to all of their mobile and on-premises devices. This means organizations can achieve the most complete reach of their mass notifications so everyone is aware of a situation.

Get your organization back up and running now and prepare for the future with InformaCast mass notification solutions that enhance communication and safety.




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