Why Overhead Paging Integration is Critical for Emergency Notification


Leverage Your First Line of Defense

One of the most common integrations for Singlewire’s InformaCast is with existing overhead paging systems. This is driven by the need to send live or pre-recorded audio over the speakers at the same time it’s delivered to Cisco phones, mobile phones, and other devices. The use cases vary from emergency notification to school bell scheduling.

Our customers work across a wide variety of industries, and each has unique needs that require different paging systems. From Bogen, Valcom, and Viking, to Rauland and more, our customers need a solution that is flexible enough to adapt to whatever system they are using.

And that’s exactly what InformaCast does.

Nearly every paging system manufactured in the last 40 years accepts an external input, which means it can work seamlessly with InformaCast.

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Two Ways to Deliver Audio

Singlewire has two ways to deliver audio from the InformaCast virtual appliance to an overhead paging system. The first is for paging systems already physically connected to a Cisco phone system. This means the system is set up so you can pick up a Cisco handset, dial an extension and stream live audio to the speakers. InformaCast simply uses this same physical path, and is configured using the Legacy Paging Interface feature for InformaCast Advanced Notification or InformaCast Fusion.

The second way of delivering audio is via the use of a zone controller; a simple device that has an Ethernet port for input and line audio for output. Where the line audio connects to the amplifier of the paging system depends on the paging system, but it is typically labeled Line In, AUX, or Music. A zone controller appears in the InformaCast admin console as an InformaCast-compatible IP speaker.

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Give Your System New Life

If you haven’t done so already, give your existing overhead paging system new life by connecting it to Singlewire InformaCast. Doing so will allow you to add it to InformaCast recipient groups, making it an important component of a powerful emergency notification system.




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