InformaCast Mass Notification Adds Self-Registration and Dynamic Replies in Latest Release


More Effective Mass Notifications

At Singlewire Software, we are always looking to provide innovative solutions that make our platform easier to use and mass notifications more effective. With the release of InformaCast 12.20.1, InformaCast users will have access to a number of new features that encourage adoption, offer more options for communicating with your people and enhance the reliability of the solution in your environment. In this blog post, we’ll provide more details on the latest feature updates to InformaCast and how your organization can benefit from implementing them.

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Self-Registration for Users

When organizations look for a mass notification solution, one of the questions they often have is: How much time will we need to spend setting this up? This is an important question because organizations looking for a mass notification likely have a pressing need and cannot waste time on lengthy setup and configuration processes. One of the most time-consuming parts of this process is inputting user information such as phone numbers and email addresses to ensure people receive notifications when they are sent out.

Now InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Fusion users can self-register for notifications using a QR Code or a short URL. Self-registered users can opt into or out of receiving notifications from particular distribution lists while also being able to manage their own details, devices, and preferences. This saves system administrators time by making the signup process easy. The self-registration page can also match your organization's branding with customizable colors and the ability to add logos. This helps personalize your users' notification experience and remove any confusion that casual users might experience when logging into a notification service they are familiar with.

Dynamic Replies

In the midst of an emergency, it’s important for administrators and recipients to have as much information as possible to understand the situation and take appropriate actions to stay safe. While the ability to broadcast messages is crucial, being able to get feedback and send relevant follow up messages can offer even more benefits when trying to protect people during a crisis. InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Fusion have offered the ability for recipients to send a response to notifications. Now, dynamic replies allow you to provide a single, customized reply per confirmation option, adding a more conversational flow to your confirmation requests and providing feedback to recipients’ confirmations.

For example, if you need to fill a shift, you can send out a notification asking for volunteers. The first person to reply saying they can take the shift will receive a reply confirming they are signed up for the shift, while people who reply after it has been filled will receive a message saying the shift has been filled. This can also be used during emergency situations to send different follow-up messages to people who say they are safe and those that say they still need assistance.

Failover for Multi-cluster Unified Communications Manager

Failover now supports multiple Unified Communications Manager clusters. In a multi-cluster environment, a primary on-premises server must be configured for every Unified Communications Manager cluster you plan to use. A backup on-premises server must only establish a connection between itself and the primary Unified Communications Manager cluster in its failover pair. More failover improvements surrounding usability and ease of configuration with Unified Communications Manager are planned for future releases of InformaCast Fusion.

Award-Winning Solutions

InformaCast continues to be recognized as an industry-leading solution for safety and communication. With the ability to reach on-premises and mobile devices, InformaCast offers the speed and reach your organization needs to keep everyone safe and informed when it matters most. From managing the ongoing pandemic to dealing with active shooter situations and severe weather events, InformaCast has the flexibility to ensure you’re prepared for what crisis your organization may face.

Take advantage of our InformaCast Mobile free trial and download our 2021 Mass Notification Buyer’s Guide to find the solution that can help your organization meet its safety and communication goals in the new year.




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