What to Expect from Your Emergency Notification System Support Team


Know Who to Turn to

When it comes to tools that keep people safe, the tools an organization uses to help accomplish that goal need to work. If an emergency notification system doesn’t function the way an organization intends, it can do more harm than good. As with any technology tool, emergency notification systems require configuration and setup time to work properly. If an organization runs into an issue during setup, testing or using it in a live scenario, they want to know they have someone to turn to work out any bugs they might be experiencing.

At Singlewire Software, we know customer support is of the utmost importance for the organizations we work with. That’s why we have a highly trained staff who can help at a moment’s notice. The two most important factors when dealing with emergency notification are speed and reach, and we hold our support team to that same standard.

Of course, it’s one thing to say customer support is a top priority, it’s quite another to deliver on that promise. We judge our performance by the feedback we get from our interactions with customers. Here are few factors every organization should look for when working with an emergency notification system support team, and few things our customers have said about our team.

*Some comments edited for clarity


Safety is a serious issue, and organizations expect their issues to be taken seriously. The Singlewire Support Team knows every call or ticket they receive is from someone trying to do an important job: protect their people.

What our customers say:

“Singlewire's customer service is some of the best in the business.” – Partner in Cincinnati

“Quick and concise response. Very useful information provided to help move us forward.” – Higher education customer in Canada

Knowledgeable and Accurate

A support team is only as good as the knowledge they can offer. It needs to be able to answer customer questions correctly the first time and provide details that require minimal follow-up.

What our customers say:

“You have some of the most knowledgeable and friendly techs I have worked with!” – Healthcare customer in Michigan

“Support is great. I call in, ask a question and always get the right answer. 10/10” – Partner in Connecticut

“He provided exactly the information I needed. Thank you!” – K12 customer in Washington


Your time is valuable, and when it comes to safety, waiting for extended periods of time to get back up and running isn’t an option. Our team delivers quick responses to ensure minimal downtime when it comes to an organization’s safety tools.

What our customers say:

“I love the super fast, super responsive service! Thank you!” - K12 customer in Washington

“Very quick and friendly tech support. My issue was resolved with ease in under 2 minutes. Great service!” – Manufacturing customer in Canada

Goes Above and Beyond

In some ways, it can be easy to find an answer to a question and regurgitate it to the person asking it. But the real value comes from support teams that go above and beyond that and provide customers with everything they need to be successful when it comes to protecting their people. Our support team looks at every case and comes up with solutions that best fit that organization.

What our customers say:

“Technician was extremely helpful and thorough with his review. Went above and beyond what ticket had requested.” – Healthcare customer in California

“Absolutely stunning customer service by all team members that I have spoken to!” – K12 customer in New York


No one wants to make multiple calls to a support line, but if they do, they want to make sure they’re receiving a consistent level of support. Our support team members all work at a high level to make sure customers receive the same level of support from whoever they talk to.

What our customers say:

“As usual, great support from Singlewire.” – Higher education customer in California

Overall, Singlewire’s Support team receives an average customer satisfaction rating of 4.8/5. When looking at an emergency notification solution, consider these factors to ensure your organizations gets the support it needs to keep your people safe. Visit our Support page to learn more. 




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